How To Open Necromancy Of Thay In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Necromancy of Thay, also known as the Ancient Tome Book in Baldur's Gate 3, is an evil book and a unique story item.

The Necromancy of Thay, also known as the Ancient Tome Book in Baldur’s Gate 3, is an evil book and a unique story item found in the cellar in BG3 Blighted Village when you play the Search the Cellar Side Quest.

Reading this book will give you a special status effect; if you fail, you will get debuffs. But you can’t just go and read it. You must first find a Dark Amethyst key that opens the book for you. This guide will help you find the key to open the book and the choices you can make afterward.

Where to find the Dark Amethyst key in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Dark Amethyst is a purple cursed gemstone found in the spider-infested region of the Whispering Depths. To get here, you have to arrive in the Blighted Village. From there you need to go towards the village center. There you will find an Old well.

Drop down in the well, and it will teleport you to the Whispering Depths in Baldur’s Gate 3. Enter the region and continue along the path towards the western side. At the end, you will find a Phase Spider Matriarch nest. The Dark Amethyst will be located beneath the nest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can pick the gemstone using stealth or fight the Phase Spider Matriarch boss with it. Once you get the key, you can move to the last step. Now all you have to do is place the gemstone in the mouth of the book.

Necromancy of Thay choices in Baldurs Gate 3

The Necromancy of Thay will allow you to select from 3 choices after opening the book.


Read the Necromancy of Thay Book

The first option will be to read the Necromancy of Thay book in BG3, which most players do. If you choose it, things can get tricky for you. You have to play multiple wisdom-saving throws after it.

You will get the Speak With Dead spell if you complete reading the book. However, if you fail in this process, you will get the Whisps of Madness and Baleful Knowledge debuffs in Baldur’s Gate 3. No matter how hard it is, it is recommended to read the book because, in the end, it is worth it.

Destroy the Necromancy of Thay

Necromanc of Thay is resistive to most attacks, and you cannot quickly destroy it. There are two ways you can destroy this book. The first is that you can use the Guiding Boltor from Shadowheart. Another option is to use the Radiant-imbued attacks from the Paladin class.

Give the Necromancy of Thay to a party member

You can pass the book to any of the two of your party members, which is Gale or Astarion. Giving them the Necromancy of Thay will open dialogue options with them later in BG3.

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