Baldur’s Gate 3 Gale Companion Guide

Gale, the human companion in Baldur's Gate 3, is known for his fantastic wizard capabilities that can significantly help you in fights against enemies.

The Gale is a charming human companion in Baldur’s Gate 3, worthy of being your party member. A famous English TV actor voices Gale, Tim Downie, and he specializes in Wizard capabilities. According to his ability points, Gale holds Intelligence and Constitution as his main attributes, with Dexterity and Charisma right along the edge. Gale can inflict enormous amounts of damage, which gets better as he levels up. 

Recruiting him is not difficult at all and does not require you to explore profusely. Fortunately, you can find Gale during Act 1 of BG3. I’ll guide you further about this magnificent companion, so don’t go anywhere and stick right with me.

Where to find Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3

Gale is available during the early game sequence at the Roadside Cliffs waypoint near Ravaged Beach. You will find an Ancient Sigil Circle as you navigate the mentioned area. 

As soon as you interact with it, you will find a hand reaching out from the portal, asking for your help to pull him towards you. Perform the relevant Dice rolls to achieve this task, and you will see Gale pop out of the Portal. You can then initiate a conversation in which you can discuss the topic of the illithid parasite to recruit Gale.

How to raise Gale’s approval rating

Gale is a kind person who shows affection for animals and does not like chaos. Since Gale does not prefer entropic reactions, I advise you to consider taking ethical actions and treating animals and different creatures with kind-heartedness. 

I also suggest you not infiltrate his memories without his consent. Make sure to take actions backed up by honesty, morality, and swift justice. Gale also supports life perseverance, and engaging in conversations that suggest saving lives can aid you in increasing the approval rating

You can also try engaging in conversations that include magic and getting to know him better to maximize his approval rating.

How to romance Gale in BG3

To romance Gale, you need to complete some requirements. Those are completing the quests named Save the Refugees and Rescuing Druid Halsin. Completing these two quests will lead your party to converge at the camp for celebration. 

This is the right place and time to talk with Gale if you want to romance him. Remember that you must ensure that your approval rating with Gale is high, as it will secure romance and prevent repercussions. 

Keeping these in mind, follow the dialogues in the following order: 

  • I’m sure you’re welcome. 
  • Make merry, just the two of us. What would that entail? 
  • You’re remarkably upfront about your intentions. 
  • You’re remarkably upfront about your intentions. 

This will ultimately lead to the bedroll with Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Gale’s Attributes and Proficiencies in Baldur’s Gate 3

Gale is an origin character and is playable with his own unique storyline and endings. He has a Sage background with Wizard class that allows him to be proficient with sorceries and magic spells. To make Gale the strongest wizard in the realm, we recommend the Evocation subclass for him. He belongs to the Human race and has the following ability points. 

  • Str 9 
  • Dex 14 
  • Con 15 
  • Int 16 
  • Wis 11 
  • Cha 13 

Gale is proficient in the following skills that allow him to pass multiple checks throughout the game. 

  • Arcana 
  • Investigation 
  • Persuasion 
  • History 
  • Insight 

Being a wizard by class, Gale has the following Armor and Weapons proficiencies in BG3. 

  • Quarterstaff 
  • Shields 
  • Light Armour 
  • Glaives 
  • Light Crossbow 

You can change Gale’s proficiencies and ability points distribution to your liking; however, you can’t change his race, class, and background, as he is an origin character.

The best build for Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3

The best Gale build specializes in causing significant amounts of damage. This can further be escalated by increasing the field in which he can attack, but keep in mind that he is good at defense, too. The best subclass that favors the nature of Gale in BG3 is Evocation. 

Gale can use a variety of weapons, including daggers, quarterstaff, and crossbows, making him more dangerous from a distance. As you level up in this class, you will get more spells, cantrips, and a boost in your overall health. Leveling up on your way will unlock great spells like Fireball, Wall of Stone, etc.

Gale companion quest

Gale can be assisted throughout his companion’s quest, The Wizard of Waterdeep, by recruiting him and then offering him magic items when he unveils his mysterious condition, the volatile magic weaved inside his chest. Doing persuasion checks is encouraged. However, his condition worsening over time is inevitable, so don’t stress as it is a part of the quest. 

This leads you to do the Meeting Elminster quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. The quest’s conclusion leads to Elminster being available in your camp, where you can talk to him and find out Gale’s true intentions. The Elminster then heals him temporarily, and Gale gains another ability called Nethrese Orb Blast

Shortly, as Act 2 of the game ends, the endpoint showcases a battle with Ketheric Thorm. You can either convince Gale not to go with the initial proposed plan to blow up in the Mind Flayer colony or agree with his plan, which will result in his death and end your playthrough prematurely.

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