How To Defeat Thisobald Thorm In Baldur’s Gate 3

Thisobald Thorm in Baldur's Gate 3 is a bartender who is literally bursting at the seams and we can help you ensure he meets his demise.

Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with some really interesting bosses, or shall we say, potential bosses. Since the main bad guy in this act is Ketheric Thorm, it makes sense that some of these villains would also be members of the Thorm family. One of those bosses is Thisobald Thorm, a bartender who seems to have drunk too much of his own brew and is literally about to burst.

The Thisobald Thorm boss encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a fun one and if you play your cards right, you can actually complete it without fighting the boss and enjoy some fun bar time while you are at it.

Where to find Thisobald Thorm in BG3

Getting to the bulky Thisobald Thorm in the game is not a hard task. He runs the local distillery in Shadow Cursed Lands known as The Waning Moon. Thisobald Thorm can be found sitting in his bar serving the patrons his newly prepared deadly brew.

On the map, you can find The Waning Moon distillery northwest of the Moonrise Towers just south of the House of Healing. Once you get there, just approach the side he is sitting and it will begin the cut scene where you can have some sort of discussion with this monster.

How to defeat Thisobald Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3

Unlike finding Thisobald Thorm in BG3, defeating this bar boss is far more tough and tricky as well. There are two basic ways to defeat Thisobald. Both of them have their own complications but one of the methods does help by defeating him without engaging in a combat boss fight.

Defeating Thisobald Thorm can become quite challenging while in combat because of the Numb condition he possesses. This condition helps him become immune to the Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning, and Thunder damage. With all such immunities, it becomes almost impossible to defeat the boss using physical attacks.


The alternate way is to adopt the conversation method where the boss ends up dying due to overconsumption of alcohol. Both of the ways to get rid of Thisobald Thorm in BG3 are discussed in detail ahead.

How to defeat Thisobald Thorm without fighting

Well, to defeat Thisobald Thorm without engaging in a boss fight can be done through the conversation where he likes to listen to some stories from the leading character. Before starting the story, you have to pass the Constitution and Charisma skill checks. With each stage, he will offer you more brew to drink and the same goes for himself at last he will die because of excessive drinking.

The first skill check involves Constitution save with DC 14. This is followed by the Charisma check with DC depending upon the choice you picked from the options. After listening to your story, Thisobald will again initiate the same process but this time the Constitution save will be with DC 16.

Followed by this check, you have to pass the Charisma check once again. Once you are done telling two stories, pass the final Constitution save with DC 18, and a little forward he will die because of the excess drinking.

One important thing to mention here is the failure in the skill checks. If you have failed in any one of them, you will get only one extra chance with DC 18 to continue defeating the boss using conversation and drinking.

Failing twice in these skill checks will immediately start the boss fight with Thisobald Thorm in BG3. So having a Monk or Rogue class member in the party makes it easy to clear all the skill checks in the first go.

How to defeat Thisobald Thorm in combat

To knock out Thisobald Thorm in combat, you need to devise a strong strategy. As mentioned earlier, he is immune to most of the physical attacks and the only way left to damage the beast is by using the magical attacks. The best way is to hold out the beat in one place.

This can be done by making one of your members the tank. This must be followed by a heavy spell attack on all the levels available. This will take out the maximum health of Thisobald.

He will also try to distract your attention with some aiding Imps but there is no need to kill them on the first priority. If they are making it difficult for you to attack the beast, then chose the member with the lowest health to take out all these aiding imps.

Once you have knocked down the beast by any of the above-mentioned means, you can loot the Worn key from his body. This key will help you open the door behind to have access to the distillery where you can get your hands over the Punch-Drunk Bastard weapon.

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