Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Discover Kagha’s Secret And Expose Her

Kagha is among the evil NPCs in the game who see the wrong ways of her actions, once you find her secret and expose her in BG3.

Among many NPCs in the game, Kagha is among the evil ones who see the wrong ways of her actions once you find her secret and expose her in BG3. She is also a potential boss in the game, but we recommend that you follow our guide, so things don’t turn this bad.

How to find Kagha’s secret in Baldur’s Gate 3

Kagha is a druid and can be found in the Druid Grove area during the first act. Her introduction to the game was evil as she was threatening a child, Arabella, to put her in jail. She also planned to take over Druid Grove, throwing everyone out except the Druids. She also threatens everyone that she will use her spell to kill them. You can start her quest when you initiate a talk with Arabella.

Talking with Kagha

Once you start the quest, you can now talk to Kagha and convince her to release the little girl. This act takes Persuasion 16 or Nature 19. If you fail, you can either keep silent or signal Arabella to run but this will end up killing her. The other thing you can do is to continue your adventure and keep investigating her as she is very shady.

To find Kagha’s secret in BG3, you must search her room. Behind the bookcase, around the corner, there is a treasure chest. This chest is locked, and you need Thieves tools to open it. You can also pickpocket Kagha to open the chest, but this is a risky thing to do.

After unlocking the chest, you will find a half-torn note and your map will be updated.

Search the swamps to find Kagha’s secret in BG3

As mentioned in the note, you should go to the swamps. To go to the Swamps, head to Emerald Grove Environ. At coordinates (X: 82, Y: 251), you will find a dock and some rocks near it. Jump on the rocks and keep jumping from one rock to another, until you reach a massive tree. Beware of the enemies in this region.


In the tree, you will find the letter that reveals Kagha’s plan to hand over the Emerald Grove to Shadow Druids.

Expose Kagha’s Secret

Head back to the Grove and confront Kagha as now you have all the evidence that you need. Tell Kagha that you know about her secret and that she is working with the Shadow Druids in BG3. You will be given two options.

  1. Convince her to Stop: You can convince Kagha to stop the ritual and become good. She will also help you fight the shadow druids.
  2. Fight and kill Kagha: Or you can take the other option to fight her and kill her along with the Druids.

We would advise you to choose the first option because fighting Kagha doesn’t yield any positive outcome. Also, if you convince her to stop with her wrong ways and end up avoiding a potential clash, she will give you a magic weapon Pale Oak. This weapon protects you from any damage from the vines in Druid Grove.

Moreover, this weapon allows you to cast Faithwarden’s Vines magic for free per rest. You have successfully discovered Kagha’s secret in BG3 and earned an ally as a result.

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