How To Romance Mizora In Baldur’s Gate 3

Mizora is a non-recruitable NPC in Baldur's Gate 3 who is in control of Wyll's fate. But this can't stop us from getting all dirty and personal with her. Right?

Players can choose from different Baldur’s Gate 3 romance options, including companions, which is quite understandable. However, some other NPCs can also be romanced in the game that you would never expect in the first place. One such NPC whom players cannot recruit in their party but can romance is the devil Mizora. Her romance spans multiple Acts, and we have this perfect guide to help you find and romance Mizora in BG3.

Mizora Romance in Act 1

The most important aspect of starting your romance with the she-devil is to recruit Wyll to your party. Follow Wyll’s questline, where you need to defend the Emerald Grove and solve the conflict between Druids and Tieflings. If you fail to recruit Wyll or he leaves your party for any reason, like siding with Minthara, you can say goodbye to your amorous chance with Mizora.

Mizora Romance in Act 2

During Act 2, Mizora will appear in the camp one night and will ask Wyll to save Zariel’s Asset from Moonrise Towers. Once you complete the area and defeat Ketheric Thorm for the first time, he will disappear into the Mind-Flayer colony.  

Once you follow him, you will find Mizora being captured and placed inside a mind-flayer pod. She is the asset herself. Rescue her from the pod, and she will promise to release Wyll from his contract in due time. Failing to free Mizora at this point will once again lock you out of her romance option.

Mizora Romance in Act 3

Act 3 is where you can finally conclude this hellish romance. Make your way to Wyrm’s Rock fortress to attend Gortash’s coronation. Don’t attack him. This will lock you out of Mizora’s romance immediately. She is in a room below, and you won’t be able to talk to her if you start a commotion. Talk to Her, and she will tell Wyll about his father, Grand Duke Ravenguard’s location. 

Further talking to Mizora at this place will yield no results. She will ask you to wait for her at your camp. She will amend Wyll’s contract and ask you to either surrender him for his father’s safety or you can keep Wyll, but this will cost Duke Ravenguard his life

No matter what option you select, this won’t hurt your romance with Mizora. After a few more long rests, she will have an exclamation mark on her head. This is your cue. Talk to her and select the following dialogue options. 

  • Sounds delicious. 
  • Smile 

When Mizora appears at your place at night, make sure to select the following dialogue choices carefully to start the romance scene. 

  • Bask in the powerful sensations rising from the circle. 
  • I am ready. 
  • Gorge on the rivers of blood. 
  • Step into Mizora’s outstretched wings. 

You can then play along, and this will ultimately lead to a steamy romance scene with Mizora in BG3.

Companions’ reaction to Mizora Romance in BG3

After spending a hellishly delightful night with Mizora, you need to be prepared to face the consequences. Almost everyone in your party will disapprove of your actions. If you are in a relationship with monogamous people like Gale, you can kiss it goodbye. There is a chance of Wyll leaving the party altogether. People like Shadowheart will get angry but won’t break their relationship with you. 

However, if you are playing as Wyll, you can still romance Mizora without facing any consequences.

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