How To Romance Mizora In Baldur’s Gate 3

Mizora is a non-recruitable NPC in Baldur's Gate 2 which players can romance.

Players can choose from different Baldur’s Gate 3 romance options, including companions, which is quite understandable, but some other NPCs can also be romanced in BG3 that you would never expect to be romanced. One such NPC whom players cannot recruit in their party but can romance is the devil Mizora. This guide will help players find and romance Mizora in BG3.

How to find Mizora

To find Mizora, players need to recruit Wyll in their party. After you recruit Wyll, players need to follow Wyll’s questline, where they need to rescue Tiefling refugees. After the successful rescue, players need to agree to help Wyll free Zariel’s Asset, Mizora. This takes players to Wyrm’s Rock Fortress.

Here, players need to avoid any confrontation with Gortash and just talk to Mizora and free her from her prison. After this, Mizora will visit your camp and you shouldn’t ask her to leave.

How to romance Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3

Since Mizora is not your companion, you do not get any approval rating for her. Your romance option for Mizora will automatically appear as you progress through the game.

To romance Mizora, you need to make sure that she stays at your camp for the remaining time. Use long rests at your camp with Mizora at the camp, and after a few long rests, players will notice the exclamation mark upon Mizora. Apparently, only resting at the camp will allow players to talk to Mizora to start her romance.

This allows you to start a conversation with Mizora. Pick the correct options to romance Mizora in BG3. After you talk to Mizora, she will ask you: “You’re hungry for pleasures beyond this plane. Something more satisfying than mortal flesh, blood, and bone.”.


You need to select the dialogue option “Sounds delicious. What are you suggesting?”. After this, immediately go for a long rest and then a cutscene starts where players find themselves inside a demonic circle and another dialogue with Mizora begins.

Carefully select the following dialogue options at this moment:

  • Bask in the powerful sensations rising from the circle.
  • Sigh and brace yourself.

If you made both of these choices, a love scene begins where players embrace Mizora and engage in, well you know what they engage in. After the scene, players can interact with their companions the next morning to see their reactions to your romance with Mizora in BG3.

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