Baldur’s Gate 3 Dank Crypt Guide

Dank Crypt is one of the several dungeons you will come across in Baldur's Gate 3. It is located in the Overgrown Ruins at the Ravaged Beach.

Dank Crypt is one of the earliest dungeons you will complete in Baldur’s Gate 3. It contains a lot of story progression, unlike other dungeons in the game. You will start by solving a trap puzzle allowing you to unlock other doors inside the dungeon. You’ll also get a nice weapon in the process.

One of the main reasons Dank Crypt is considered a special dungeon is because it allows you to make Wither your companion. He’s an undead lich, but he helps you and provides his services instead of attacking you. He provides the facility of bringing the dead back to life for 200 gold.

Withers will be at your camp and revives your fallen party members. This makes the Dank Crypt one of the most important dungeons to complete in BG3.

1. Entering the Dank Crypt in Bg3

dank crypt map baldur's gate 3

The Dank Crypt dungeon is located in Baldur’s Gate 3 Overgrown Ruins at the Ravaged Beach. You can use the Overgrown Ruins waypoint located southeast of the Roadside cliff in the Wilderness region. This will arguably be one of the easiest ways to reach the dungeon.

Enter through the Ancient Door

After reaching the area, head northeast to find the Ancient door. This door leads you inside the Dank Crypt in bg3. However, the door is locked by default, and you must lockpick it to enter the dungeon. If you are familiar with lockpicking in Baldur’s Gate 3, you would know how difficult it is. Hence there are alternative options to enter the Dank Crypt as well.

Enter through the broken floor (Chapel’s Entrance)

The Chapel’s Entrance is located north of the Overgrown Ruins. Head there and talk to the two bandits, Gimblebock and Taman. They are looking for a passage to head inside the Overgrown Ruins.


Get them to leave and shoot the rope hanging above the cracked floor. This reveals a secret passage going to the bedchambers. Here your objective updates to “Explore the Ruins,” you can explore the ruins to find the Dank Crypt at the end.

Enter through the Ornate door (Chapels Entrance)

If you are not in the mood to explore the entire Refectory to reach the Dank Crypt, you can use the Ornate door beside Gimblebock and Taman. However, you must lockpick the door to unlock it. As an alternative, you can talk to Andorn. Once inside the entrance, fight through the bandits and reach the Dank Crypt.

Enter through the wooden hatch (Chapels Entrance)

There is a hatch near the entrance to the Chapel. Simply head east from the statue to find it. Try opening it, as it takes you directly to the Dank Crypt in Baldur’s Gate 3.

2. Dank Crypt Trap puzzle solution

Regardless of your path to the dungeon, you will inevitably go inside. As you do, you will soon find some loot, such as “Engraved Key” and “The Watcher’s Guide” spear, by searching the Sarcophagus in the middle.

However, opening the Sarcophagus will trigger a dank crypt trap puzzle since this is a dungeon. Grease will be released into the room, and fire will ignite it. This is almost certainly a death sentence since most characters will die in seconds.

Therefore, to avoid getting damaged by the trap, you must grab the Vases scattered around the dungeon. Place them atop the vents to prevent grease from flowing out.

Follow the image below that shows where you must place each Vase to block the vent.

dank crypt trap baldur's gate 3

Furthermore, if you have passed the Perception check, you will find a button on the middle pillar to the right. Pushing the button will set the trap off after you have looted the Sarcophagus.

However, this is a risky way to deactivate the trap since it requires precise timing and an accurate long-range aim. Although you can use spells to push the button, that doesn’t make it less risky.

Once you have solved the puzzle and passed the trap, you can head to the Heavy Oak door ahead and unlock it using the Engraved Key you looted from the Sarcophagus. This will lead you to the next room.

3. Jergal statue room undead fight guide

As you make your way to the next room after solving the trap, you must loot every chest there. However, if you are in low health, do not enter through the Ornate door to the left. It contains several enemies to fight. Simply head north of the rook through another Heavy Oak Door and make your way to the center of the area.

This is where you will come across the Jergal Statue in Baldur’s Gate 3. Jergal is known to be the Lord of the End of Everything. He gave up his powers to the Three Dead and vanished from existence. This statue was made in his honor.

Loot all the Gilded chests in the room and head over to where the statue resides. Loot all the undead in the area to acquire weapons and items. Head into the room on the statue’s left and pass the perception check to reveal a button on the pillar left to the door. Pressing the button will open an alcove but raise the dead bodies on the floor.

The best way to defeat the undead is by shifting your focus to your companions and using Blessing of the Trickster on Lae’zel while keeping Shadowheart busy with her Turn Undead spell.

You can also use Astarion to perform melee attacks, such as Offhand Attacks on the enemies hiding behind the pillars. Continue with your turns and use your best moves to end this fight. Since you looted these corpses before, they’ll have nothing else on them. So all you can do now is enter the alcove you opened earlier.

4. Meeting Withers

After defeating the undead, interact with the Sarcophagus inside the hidden room to reveal Withers. He is an undead character. But instead of attacking you, he will engage in a conversation and ask about the morality of life.

You will have several answers pop up on the screen, but they have no result on the outcome. So answer based on the personality and philosophy of your character.

After the interaction, Withers pays his farewell, and you can explore the dungeon to find more loot. Once you are sure you have looted everything, you can head back to the Jergal statue and make your way left of the area to find the flowing river.

There is a ladder on the right of the river, but it is lifted high. You can use the lever next to it to descend the ladder. Climb it to reach the Hatch, which you can use to escape the Dank Crypt in bg3. Once you have left the dungeon, you can encounter Withers again at your camp.

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