Baldur’s Gate 3: Dank Crypt Walkthrough 

Enter the Dank crypt to meet the dankest companion of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Dank Crypt is a hidden area you can access as soon as you start Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. This crypt can be found below the Overgrown Ruins, and you can enter it through multiple routes. Despite being filled with traps and enemies, this secret dungeon allows you to find and recruit Withers, one of the best companions in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Entering and navigating Dank Crypt is difficult, especially early in the game. However, if you are adamant about finding its secret, let us help you guide you through the process.

How to enter Dank Crypt in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Dank Crypt dungeon is located in Overgrown Ruins at the Ravaged Beach. The Overgrown Ruins waypoint, located southeast of the Roadside cliff in the Wilderness region, is arguably one of the easiest ways to reach the dungeon.

Enter through the Ancient Door

After reaching the area, head northeast to find the Ancient Door. This door leads you directly to the Dank Crypt. However, the door is locked by default, and you must lockpick it to enter the dungeon. However, the requirements are steep, as you need to pass a DC10 dexterity check to open the door.

Enter through the broken floor (Chapel’s Floor)

The Chapel’s Entrance is located north of the Overgrown Ruins. Go there and talk to the two bandits, Gimblebock and Taman. They are looking for a passage inside the Overgrown Ruins.

Get them to leave and shoot the rope hanging above the cracked floor. The massive boulder will create an opening in the floor. Jump down the hole to enter the Overgrown Ruins.

You will encounter six crazy-strong bandits here. After defeating them, search the area for a Wizard statue with a skull-shaped lever hidden behind it. Pull the lever to open the Ornate Door (the door without any doorknobs). This will lead you to Dank Crypt in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Enter through the Main Chapel Door

This path is a bit more difficult than the previous one. Talk to the henchman behind the locked door in the Northernmost part of the ruins. You can either persuade or deceive him into letting you in.

Kill him and then proceed normally to find the rest of the bandits. Once again, kill them all and unlock the Ornate Door with the help of a skull lever to enter the Dank Crypt.

Enter through the wooden hatch

Go East of the Overgrown Ruins to find a rocky path. Follow it until you reach a hidden hatch. This one is locked, but you can unlock it with a lockpick and a DC10 dexterity check.

Entering the Overgrown Ruins from the hatch will lead you directly to the Dank Crypt area.

Dank Crypt Sarcophagus puzzle solution

Regardless of your path to the dungeon, you will inevitably reach a room with an ominous-looking sarcophagus in the middle. However, this room is filled with traps, and opening the sarcophagus will trigger them.

We recommend taking Astarion with you as he has excellent dexterity skills. Upon successful perception checks, you can locate the vents that release grease. Either disarm these vents with the disarm traps toolkit or place vases on them.

Flaming arrows will start flying as soon as you interact with the Sarcophagus. If you pass another perception check, you will locate a button on a pillar near the sarcophagus. Interact with the button to turn off the remaining traps.

You can easily loot the Sarcophagus to obtain the Engraved Key and The Watcher’s Guide spear.

Once you have solved the puzzle and passed the trap, you can head to the Heavy Oak door ahead and unlock it using the Engraved Key you looted from the Sarcophagus. This will lead you to the next room.

Jergal statue room undead fight guide

As you make your way to the next room after solving the trap, you must loot every chest there. There is an Ornate door here that you can’t open from this side. Simply head north of the rook through another Heavy Oak Door and make your way to the center of the area.

This is where you will encounter the Jergal Statue in Baldur’s Gate 3. Go west to find a small room containing the Book of the Dead and a Soul Coin.

Go back outside and loot all the Gilded chests in the room. Head over to where the statue resides. Loot all the undead in the area to acquire weapons and items. Climb the stairs to the statue’s left and pass the perception check to reveal a button on the pillar. Pressing the button will open an alcove but raise the dead bodies on the floor.

The best way to defeat the undead is to shift your focus to your companions, use Blessing of the Trickster on Lae’zel, and keep Shadowheart busy with her Turn Undead spell.


You can loot the heavy keys from one of the dead scribes to open the Ancient Door inside the Dank Crypt.

You can also use Astarion to perform melee attacks, such as Offhand Attacks on the enemies hiding behind the pillars. Continue with your turns and use your best moves to end this fight. Since you looted these corpses before, they’ll have nothing else on them. So, all you can do now is enter the alcove you opened earlier.

Meeting and Recruit Withers

After defeating the undead, enter the now-opened room and collect the Amulet of the Dead Voices. It grants Speak with the Dead spell to its wearer as a cantrip. Interact with the Sarcophagus in the room to meet Withers.

After answering some of his questions, you can recruit Withers as an undead person. Withers will move to your camp and revive any dead party members with full health for 200 gold. You can also use Withers’ services to change your class for 100 gold.

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