Dead Island 2 All Keys Locations

Finding every key and keycard in Dead Island 2 can be quite time consuming if you don't know where to start looking..

Dead Island is a massive open-world game hiding a lot of secrets. During the zombie slaying mayhem of Dead Island 2, you will come across a lot of locked treasure boxes, doors and even vehicles that require keys to open. Some of them are optional and reward you with juicy upgrades like Blueprints, Weapon Mods or Perks when unlocked. While the rest are required to progress further in the main story.

In Dead Island 2, most of the Keys and Keycards can be obtained after killing named zombies. These specific zombies are usually available in the same area where you encounter the locked door or a container.

Most of the optional stuff can be obtained from the safe boxes and containers during the main quest, but Dead Island 2 has reserved a few treasures that can only be obtained post-game.

Where to find All Keys, Keycards and Security Codes in Dead Island 2

This guide is a work in progress, and we will be adding more keys/keycards along with complete guides on how to obtain them soon. Bookmark this page and check back later.

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