Dead Island 2 Blue Crab Storage Keycard Location

Can't figure out how to find the Blue Crab Storage Keycard in Dead Island 2 and open the storage room for loot? Let us help.

A large portion of the gameplay time in Dead Island 2 is consumed in unlocking different rooms and loot containers. For this reason, the game has you wandering around the whole map locations searching for their access cards or keys. One prime example is the Dead Island 2 Blue Crab Storage Keycard, which is required for unlocking a storage area inside the Blue Crab Grill in Venice Beach.

Unlike many other keys or access cards in DI2, any named zombie in a distant place does not drop this keycard. Instead, the keycard is within the same Blue Crab restaurant. Our guide below will let you know the Blue Crab Storage keycard’s exact whereabouts and the way to approach it easily.

Where to find Dead Island 2 Blue Crab storage keycard

As mentioned before, the keycard is within the Blue Crab Grill so simply fast travel there if you are searching somewhere else.

Having reached the bar, you will clearly see Security Keypad engraved inside the door. From there, head straight to the left and move through the door leading to the toilets. You do not have to go inside them though, just head down using the stairs to reach the basement entrance.

There are two doors at the end of the entrance hall, one to the left and the other opening toward the outside. Head inside the left one to reach the keycard room. After entering, you will see a white glowing substance in the distant right corner. Grab the keycard and make your way back toward the Blue Crab bar reception area.

Finally, use the keycard to unlock the room to get all the well-deserved loot, notably Cremator Whispering Blade, two med kits, and Synthetic Fibers. Never forget to visit the Blue Crab storage room whenever you get the chance to visit Venice Beach, as there will be a couple of medkits available every time so you don’t have to craft or buy new ones.

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