Dead Island 2 Curtis’ Safe Key Location

In Dead Island 2, Curtis' Safe inside his mansion holds a wonderful revolver but to get it you need the safe keys which we will help you find

When exploring the world of Dead Island 2, you will take part in several side quests. One specific side quest will be the Death of the Party. In this side quest, Curtis Sinclair asks for your help to get rid of a wave of zombies in his mansion and retrieve valuables from his safe.

However, things are a bit more complicated since the safe requires a key to open which is nowhere to be found. So how can you find Curtis Safe Key in Dead Island 2? Read on to learn more.  

How to get Curtis’s safe key in Dead Island 2 

Before you can take part in finding Curtis’s keys to his safe, you must first complete certain objectives. The first one is the quest called “Death of the Outsider”. This quest revolves around you clearing the mansion of zombies.  

This side quest itself will grant you access to Curtis’ mansion and the safe within. Once the side quest is completed, continue with the main quest till you have gained access to Beverly Hills and finished another side quest called “Justifiable Zombicide”. 

Complete this side quest and then return to Bel-Air and Curtis’ mansion. Below we have given the exact location where you find the keys to Curtis’ safe in Dead Island 2: 

The keys are found in the guest house. Once at the location marked on the map, you will come across a screamer called Crystal the Lawyer who is found inside the guest house next to the wooden desk at the center.  

Do note that, as you approach Crystal, she will scream and summon other infected as well. Kill her to collect the keys she drops.  

Take the keys to Curtis’ safe which is located inside his mansion. To find his safe, you must run across the Guest house towards the Eastern part of the house. Here you will find the safe in the left closet.

Use the keys you collected to open the safe and receive a “Tactical Heavy Revolver”. This weapon has 250 Power which is one of the best weapons that deal the most damage in the fewest amount of bullets.   

Alternative ways to access Curtis’ Guest House 

There are multiple ways you can access the Guest House inside Curtis’ Mansion apart from the one mentioned above. You can simply travel fast to Bel-Air and enter the Goat Pen. Use its exit to follow the street to its left and reach a dead-end with a wrecked bus in front.  

Use the black door on the right to enter Curtis’ Mansion. Use the set of stairs leading you to the Guest House on the left side.  

Another way to access the safe is by entering through the main door of the Mansion, heading straight and, then going around till you find a closet to your left with the safe inside.   

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