Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 Prop Key Location

While exploring Monarch Studios, you will need the Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 Prop key to open a lockbox and we can help you find it

While looking for Michael (or just exploring) in the Monarch Studios district of Dead Island 2, you might have run into the Space Fox 2250 Prop lockbox. You will probably know by now how valuable the loot inside lockboxes is so finding the Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 prop key and opening the chest is worth the effort.

If you are struggling to find the Space Fox 2250 prop key location in Dead Island 2 or just want to save yourself some time, let us help you out.

Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 prop key location

Both our lockbox and its key find their way into the Monarch Studios region. The precise dwelling place of the box and the key is at the end of Save the Cat Walk. You will see the Prop placed in a corner, a lockbox containing useful loot for you. But for unlocking it, you need to search for the Space Fox 2250 prop key.

Go southwest from where the chest is located, and continue slaying the sluggish zombies while treading the Save the Cat Walk. To put it simply, head a bit straight from the box and then turn the immediate right.

Just like other lockbox keys, the prop key is also held by a named zombie. When you reach a dead-end gate at the end of the passage, a named zombie, the Space Fox Prop Master will be waiting for you (Not to greet you of course, as he is a zombie now).

Kill the Space Fox Prop Master and it should drop the lockbox key you need. In case it is not exactly where you shot him down, look around the place for finding the key.

Be careful while shooting down the enemies on the lane. You may not see the Prop Master after killing all the zombies because you already have eliminated him in the process. So check the ground to have a hold of the key.

An alternative way to find Space Fox 2250 prop key

There is another method to access the Space Fox prop key in Dead Island 2 without having to slay the zombies and the prop master on your way. For doing this, you need to turn left midway and enter the path to the hallway.

The key will be placed right in front of you at the entrance. Once the key is acquired, head back to the DI2 Space Fox 2250 Prop and unlock it using the key to receive the loot from within the box.

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