Dead Island 2 Rose’s Storage Key Location

In Dead Island 2, the Rose Storage key is required to open the storage box left by Rose. To find this box, you need to head to Venice ...

In Dead Island 2, Rose’s Storage key is required to open the storage box left by Rose. To find this box, you need to head to Venice Beach. This location gives the player an experience of many challenges and tricky POIs. In addition, players can get rare items and ammunition goods from the chests in Dead Island 2.

The box is inside Rose’s Tattoo Parlor; you will need the key to unlock it. Here you will get all the details about finding the Rose Storage Key in Dead Island 2.

How to get the Rose Storage Key in Dead Island 2

We recommend you find Rose’s Storage Box first. To find the Rose’s Storage Box, pinpoint the Venice Beach Region. Once you’re in this area, travel towards the corner side of the Beach entrance. It is pretty close to the Blue Crab fast travel point. Here you will find a locked-up shop. It will be the “Rose’s Tattoo Parlor.”

To get inside the shop, press the button to the side. It will open the shutter of the shop. Go inside and get close to the counter. Just look at the backside, and you will find the Storage Box in Dead Island 2.

However, to unlock the Storage Box, you will need a key. To find the key now, head to the Sewers of Venice Beach. Go to the entrance point of the beach and use the map to get to the Sewers. But of course, it’s not as easy as it seems.

You’ll have to fight a Zombie boss here as well. Your enemy this time is a Master Screamer, a zombie named Rose. To get this key, you’ll have to do some tricks to make her spawn; if the Zombie boss hasn’t spawned, don’t worry; just return to some random location to return.

Once you return, you can take the key to the Tattoo shop to unlock the Storage Box. It’s better to know the location of the Storage Box beforehand.

Alternative way to find the Rose Storage Key

There is an alternative way to get the Rose Storage key. You can get the key once you complete the Giant-Slayer quest in Dead Island 2.

Whether you want to complete the quest or get the key from the zombie boss Rose is up to you. Remember, once you get the key, a prize is there for you. All you have to do is get to the Tattoo Shop and unlock the box to get the Black magic weapon in Dead Island 2.

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