Dead Island 2 Military Courier Key Location

You will need a Military Courier key in Dead Island 2 to open the Military Courier Case and obtain its item. To find the key, you will ...

Military Courier Case is another unlockable crate that you will find inside the Halperin Hotel. You will need a Dead Island 2 military courier key to open this crate and obtain its item. To find the key, you will need to take out a courier zombie, as he has the key.

Finding the key to this crate is a little lengthy process but do not worry, as the process will become a lot clear and easier with our guide.

Where to find the Military Courier case

To find the military courier crate, head inside the lobby of the Halperin Hotel. You can find a railing inside the Lobby, near the entrance on the left side. Climb the railing, and you will find the Military Courier Crate that needs a key.

How to get the Dead Island 2 Military Courier case key

Getting the Military courier case key in Dead Island 2 requires you to complete some side quests, including the main quest of the Halperin Hotel. You must complete all the below-mentioned side quests to obtain the key. Otherwise, you cannot get the key even after killing the zombie that holds it because he won’t drop it.

After completing the main quest, continue with the Dead Island 2 main story. Once in the Monarch Studio, while in the main story, you must complete another side quest called “Kwon with the Wind”.

After completing it, wait for the radio to ring. Respond to the radio ring, and you can start the “RAV-AGES of the Caustic X” quest. To start this quest, you need to get back to the Ballroom. Kill all the zombies in the Ballroom to complete this quest in Dead Island 2.

Now, return to the Halperin Hotel lobby and a Military Courier will spawn. This zombie is holding the key to the Military Courier Case (not to be confused with the military supplies key) in Dead Island 2. Kill the zombie to obtain the key.

Opening the Military Courier Crate can grant you Relentless Military Axe, which has a power stat of 310. This is all you need for the Military Courier Case in Dead Island 2.

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