Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Key Location

You will need a Dead Island 2 Military Supplies key to open the military supplies case that you can find in the Halperin Hotel region ...

A Military Supplies Case lockbox can be found in the Halperin Hotel Region of the Dead Island 2. This lock box holds a valuable item. But you need a Dead Island 2 Military Supplies key to open this military supplies crate.

The key can be obtained from a specific zombie who is holding it. You have to kill the zombie to acquire the key and use it to collect the valuables inside the case. Our guide will help you to find the case in the Halperin Hotel Region and locate the zombie holding its key.

Where to find the Military Supplies case

You can come across the Military Supplies Case in Dead Island 2 on the northeast side of the Halperin Hotel map on the road left to the road connecting to the Bel Air region.

The crate is near the entrance to the right of the Bel Air. Behind the entrance gate of the Bel Air, go down the street and turn right. You will see a military truck. Find the military supplies case in the pickup trunk of the military truck.

How to get the Dead Island 2 military supplies case key

You can’t instantly open the military supplies case without completing a requirement. First, you have to complete the main quest of the Halperin Hotel. You can start finding the crate key after you have completed the quest by defeating the Crusher Zombie in the Reception Hall of the Halperin Hotel.

Now, you must head towards the Bel Air from the Helperin Hotel. On the North East side of the map before the Bel Air, there is a road, Laguna Avenue.

On Laguna Avenue Road, find a zombie called “Drill Sergeant“. The Drill Sergeant zombie is holding the key to the military supplies crate in Dead Island 2.

Fighting the zombie is not tricky, but things can get messy when other zombies around him attack you in a group. So, it is better to kill the zombies with an Assault Rifle. When you kill the Drill Sergeant Zombie, it will drop the Military crate key in Dead Island 2 and some other minor loot.

After you have got the key, head north at the end of Laguna Avenue Road to the military truck carrying the supplies crate. You can get a Guarding Military Knife with a 305 power stat inside the case.

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