Dead Island 2 Foreman’s Key Location

In Dead Island 2, Foreman's Key is a must-find to access Construction's Team Safe. The game involves players in many main and side quests ...

In Dead Island 2, Foreman’s Key is a must-find to access Construction’s Team Safe. The game involves players in many main and side quests to explore different locations to find and kill Zombies. To complete these achievements, you must collect items from loot inside safes or in different areas across the map.

Fortunately, Dead Island 2 has a lot of loot you can collect. The best thing is that the loot respawns once you leave the location. There are safes in different areas with great loot, but opening the safe first requires finding a key.

Finding Foreman’s key to unlocking the Construction team safe is comparatively more straightforward. Unlike some other keys, it doesn’t require completing all the main game quests before.

How to get the Dead Island 2 Foreman’s Key

Foreman’s Key in Dead Island 2 can be found across Beverly Hills. However, to find this key, you must complete main story quest 21, “Search for Truth.” You won’t be able to find the Zombie with a key if you go to the location before completing the quest.

The safe is located in the southmost house in the Beverly Hills map in the construction area. All you need to do is head upstairs, and you’ll find it, but first, you must find the key.

Starting from the highlighted location, as you head towards the construction area, you will find the Site Foreman near the fencing or entrance of the house. Site Foreman in Dead Island 2 will be a huge Zombie with a yellow vest and a hat, indicating that it’s a construction worker.


Unlike other Zombies, Site Foreman is strong and has a wrench that it can use to attack you. Therefore, while you’re in combat with it, keep a safe distance; otherwise, it will knock you down with a wrench.

Other than wrench attacks, it can also launch projectile attacks on you. Therefore, you must be vigilant during the entire fight and look for its attacks. Roll down to the side as soon as you see it winding up to launch an attack.

To defeat the Site Foreman in Dead Island 2, you should always keep yourself a ranged weapon. This can be a bow or gun, anything you can use to attack from afar. Going close with a melee weapon may be dangerous as it can quickly attack you with its wrench.

Once you have defeated The Site Forman, head to the southmost house of Beverly Hills. Then go upstairs, and in the room at the end of the alley, you will find the Construction team safe in Dead Island 2, which you can then open with Foreman’s Site key to get the valuable items.