Dead Island 2 Security Guard Cooler Key Location

In Dead Island 2 Security Guard Cooler key is required to open the locked Security Guard cooler in the Booth in Monarch Studios. The only ...

In Dead Island 2 Security Guard Cooler key is required to open the locked Security Guard cooler in the Booth in Monarch Studios. The only way to unlock the cooler and see what it contains is by finding the key to the cooler in Dead Island 2. This guide will help you find the Security Cooler Cooler and its Key to get the reward.

How to get Dead Island 2 Security Guard’s Cooler Key

To find the Security Guard’s Cooler pinpoint the Monarch Studios on your map.

The Monarch Studios is a busy and famous lounge of a film shooting area. This place is renowned as the setting for the upcoming film with a famous star, Emma Jaunt.

Monarch Studios has been home to many big star films, and the celebrities love to enjoy the perks and security provided to them. In the Parking area of the Monarch Studios, you’ll find a booth that belongs to a security Guard in Dead Island 2. 

Your task is to unlock this booth. But the key to it is missing. Complete the “Michael Anders and the Holy Grail” mission to get the key. 

To complete this quest, follow the yellow-colored markers, and they’ll lead you to a zombie boss, Alesis Hernandez. You must fight it to get the Security Guard’s Cooler Key in Dead Island 2. The zombie boss you’ll face is hard to defeat as he constantly spits acid on you.

But there’s a way to defeat it. Just through food, he’ll forget you even exist and hassle to eat the food you’ve thrown. When he goes after the food, just use your best attacks on it to defeat him. We highly recommend you equip yourself with powerful weapons to combat acid attacks.

After defeating the zombie, take the key that he drops, and return to the entrance area of the Monarch Studio, where the Security Booth is.

Alternative ways to open the Security Booth

All the security booths are designed so that a maglock opens them. So, there are two ways to enter the booth. The first is finding the key by completing the quest and defeating the zombie boss. However, there’s an alternative way as well. That is by disabling the maglock.

To get inside the Security Booth, players often do is that they try to break the windows of the booth in Dead Island 2. But we suggest you not do so as it’s the most obvious way to invite trouble as there is a security alarm that activates once the window breaks, and after hearing the alarm sound, the zombies will ambush you. They’ll attack you, and your plan will fail.

However, there’s a safer way. For which you’ll just have to think out of the box. You can disable the maglocks in Dead Island 2 by cutting the connecting wires of the breaker. To search for the breaker, notice a green panel at the top of the booth’s door.

Follow the wires, and they’ll lead you to the breaker. Once you’ve found it, hit it hard with some weapon, and now you must have disabled the maglock. So finally, you can then enter the booth without triggering the zombies in Dead Island 2 and open the cooler.

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