Dead Island 2 Landscaper’s Key Location

In Dead Island 2, Landscaper Key is the first key that you will need to open the toolbox that you will find on the back of a parked truck...

In Dead Island 2, Landscaper’s Key is the first key that you will need to open the toolbox that you will find on the back of a truck parked in Emma Jaunt’s driveway. The toolbox can only be unlocked using the Landscaper’s Key, but to get it, there are a few requirements in Dead Island 2.

Following the main storyline of Dead Island 2, you will go to Emma Jaunt’s house to start the mission “Call the Cavalry.” After you have started the mission, you can check the driveway of Emma’s house to find a truck parked there. On the back of this truck is Dead Island 2 Eddie’s Toolbox. It’s locked, and you need to unlock it.

How to get the Landscaper’s Key in Dead Island 2

To find the key, you must find the Landscaper, Eddie, in Dead Island 2. Eddie is in a mansion on Access Road 782 from Alpine Drive Road, turned into a zombie. As you get on Access Road 782 from Alpine Drive Road, the mansion you are looking for is Colt Swanson’s Mansion.

It is just opposite the 66 number mansion. A fire truck blocks the road ahead, so you can’t miss it. Eddie will spawn in the mansion after you have completed the “Boardwalking Dead” main story mission.

Inside the mansion gate, turn left and climb the first set of stairs you see to the mansion garden. In front of you will be Green Thumb Eddie, walking on all fours. Eddie is an Apex zombie who is agile, powerful, and self-healing. You must be careful and land your critical hits to kill Eddie in Dead Island 2.

Eddie’s arms are immune to damage. No matter what you use, as long as Eddie has his arms in front of him, you will deal NO damage. To fight Eddie in Dead Island 2, you need to wait for him to try to attack you. This will leave Eddie open for an attack where he is not blocking.

These are the only moments you can attack Eddie to deal damage. If you see Eddie running away, stay on him; otherwise, he will feed on a random corpse lying around and heal.

After taking out Eddie, you get the Landscaper’s key in Dead Island 2. Opening Eddie’s Toolbox always drops a high-quality, powerful weapon. The weapon is random, but you can reload the game if you don’t like it.

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