Dead Island 2 Brock’s Safe Key Location

The Goat Pen in Dead Island 2 has a safe with valuable loot inside it but you need Brock's Safe key to open it and we can help with that.

The Goat Pen is the place to visit during the initial phase of Dead Island 2, as it offers things you cannot find in any other place in the Bel-Air area. Inside this vast mansion, you will find several items that smooth the progress of your playthrough of the game. One of the earliest visits to this place allows you to gather the Dead Island 2 Brock’s Safe Key.

Every Key in this game holds some treasure. And with this specific Key, you can unlock the loot of some valuable items from a particular safe in Goat Pen. You might have already visited this mansion to get wine for Curtis by using the Goat Pen Master Key in Dead Island 2.

However, to find the Brock’s Key, you must complete some prerequisite conditions, such as completing the Room Service for Major Booker and starting “The Chosen One” quest. This will take you to Bel-Air, and the time will automatically change to nighttime. So now all you have to do is to make your way toward the mansion and explore the area to find Brock’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2.

How to get Dead Island 2 Brock’s Safe Key

The huge white star on the map makes it easy to identify the Goat Pen mansion in Dead Island 2. You can move southeast from the Curtis Garage location to find the mansion some wealthy social media influencers created.

To get your hands on Brock’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2, you have to put down a particular zombie. This might not be new for you as most of the keys in the game are obtained through the same means. For this Key, locate the zombie that awaits your arrival in the southwest part of the mansion. You need to enter the Gym present there to meet your enemy.

You need to ensure that you visit the Gym at nighttime, as Goat Pen Brock only comes out during this time.


The fight is going to be a little tricky, but you must rely on jumping and dodging. These actions will ensure you stay out of the enemy’s attack range.

Also, use the Gas Cylinders on the side of the pools next to the Gym. You should lure Brock out of the Gym and hit the cylinders at the right time to deal maximum damage. 

Moreover, use weapons that help you inflict environmental damage on Brock. You can use the pool to cause electric damage, but you must enter the pool so that the Zombie can follow you. Once the enemy gets inside, you should leave the swimming pool as soon as possible. This will allow you to use your weapon, causing electric damage to your enemy through the water. 

Elimination of the Brock allows you to collect several items, including the Dead Island 2 Brock’s Safe Key. Now, make your way inside the mansion and work your way up the stairs. After reaching the top, take a quick left toward the pink-lit room. One more left from this room will get you inside Brock’s Bedroom. 

Surprisingly, there will be no zombies in any of these rooms, so you can explore the area without worrying much about your life. Upon entering the bedroom, turn toward the left side of the bed. You will find a safe that can only be unlocked using the Key you obtained from Safe.

This makes perfect sense, as the bedroom used to be Brock’s, and now it is haunted. Inside the safe, you will find a potent weapon that you can use to bring havoc in the later stages of Dead Island 2.

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