Dead Island 2 Box Office Safe Key Location

Opening the box office safe in Dead Island 2 requires killing Nick the Usher near the theater to get the key...

Locked safes in Dead Island 2 hold some rare treasures like weapon or mods. Some of the boxes can be unlocked instantly by finding the right key. However, for some need you to come back later after triggering a specific event. The theater box office safe belongs to the latter category.

You will need to complete the main quest line and then return with the Dead Island 2 box office safe key to get the loot within.

Where to find Theater Box Office Safe

The Theater box office safe is hidden inside Deth-Rawk Bar and Grill on Hollywood Boulevard. To enter this area, go straight on the red carpet until you reach the first set of golden zombie hands’ statues.

Enter the cinema from there and turn right to enter a small room with a counter to the right. The safe is located on the far side of the counter in the bottom right corner of the wall, hidden behind a stool.

Interact with the theater box office safe to mark it on the map. You can reach and mark this safe box anytime during your visit to Hollywood Boulevard.

Where to find Dead Island 2 box office safe key

Like many other lockbox keys, a named zombie holds the theater box office key. To get the box office safe key in Dead Island 2, you need to kill Nick the Usher. This zombie won’t appear until you finish the main storyline and revisit Hollywood Boulevard again.


To find Nick the Usher, go outside and enter an alley right in front of Deth-Rawk Bar and Grill. There is a small tent where the alley ends. Enter the tent by turning left from the alley to find Nick the Usher.

This is an extremely easy fight post-endgame, and you will be able to take him down with a few well-placed shots to the head. Alternately, Nick the Usher takes a lot of damage from melee weapons. So getting up close and personal is another good way to take him down.

Look out for a couple more zombies in the area. Defeat Nick the Usher and clear the area before collecting Dead Island 2 Theater Box office safe key from Nick’s body

Go back the same way you came from. Use the key on the theater box office safe open it. Your rewards include some cash and Superior Ranged Punctuator Mod Blueprint for your weapons.

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