Dead Island 2 Jamal’s Crate Key Location

In Dead Island 2, Jamal’s crate key is required to complete a side quest and open the crate to get a reward. Often you will see zombies ...

In Dead Island 2, you will see many side quests on your screen. One such side quest, Missing: Jamal takes players to a lockbox that requires Jamal’s Crate Key. Like most keys, a named zombie holds this key. Luckily, it is Jamal himself who holds Dead Island 2 Jamal’s crate key so you need to kill him and get the key to open the crate.

How to get the Jamal’s Crate Key in Dead Island 2

In order to get the crate key, you first need to do a side quest. You cannot opt for this side quest until and unless you follow the main story. When progressing through the main story, you will have a quest (Plumbing the Depths) at Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue. Once you have completed it, you will meet Denise.

She will tell you about the Missing Persons side quest chain. When you are done talking to her, turn left, and you will see the missing person’s board. On the board, you will find the missing posters of two people, one is Laura, and the other one is Jamal.

Since you are looking for Jamal’s crate key, grab the poster for Missing: Jamal quest in Dead Island 2 and run to your right. You will have to travel to the Halperin Hotel for Jamal’s Crate key. You can walk to the Halperin Hotel or fast travel to the location by clicking on the poster of Los Angeles on your way and selecting Halperin Hotel for fast travel.

After some time, you have a new objective to sniff out some clues about Jamal at the security guard’s huts. Upon searching the area, you will find a security guard hut. However, you won’t be able to barge inside since the gate is locked.

Upon investigating the hut, you will find two electricity boards at the back and beside the door. To unlock the door, you must shoot these two boards simultaneously, starting with the one at the back. This will disable the maglock, and you can enter the security room. 

Keep going through the Missing: Jamal Lost and Found quest and follow the red marker again to get to Jamal’s location in Dead Island 2.

Since it is a long way to the location, it will take some time. Upon reaching the destination, you see a group of zombies attacking the armored truck. When you aim at every zombie in the area, you will notice that one of the zombies is named Jamal.

Take down every zombie in the vicinity to clear the area. When you kill the zombie (Jamal), you will see a key dropped on the ground. Grab the key to open Jamal’s stash in Dead Island 2 at the back of his pickup truck and the ammo box beside it.

With this, you have completed the side quest and obtained the reward of the side quest (a rare pistol).

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