Dead Island 2 Fancy Leather Trunk Key Location

To get your hands on the Dead Island 2 Fancy Leather Trunk, you must return to the Halperin Hotel and find its key after completing the ...

Halperin Hotel in Dead Island 2 has hidden secrets and treasures of its own. There are a lot of locked loot boxes for you to find and loot. But not all of these can be open during your brief visit first to Halperin Hotel. To get your hands on the Dead Island 2 Fancy Leather Trunk, you must return to the Halperin Hotel later on in the game and find its key.

How to get Fancy Leather Trunk Key in Dead Island 2

As you know, Fancy Leather Trunk is another unlockable loot box in Dead Island 2. Use the elevator to get to the third floor of the hotel. To your right, as you climb onto the 3rd floor, you can find a small leather-covered trunk.

To find the Fancy Leather Trunk key in Dead Island 2, you must complete the story mission “The Search for Truth.” After completing this mission, the zombie carrying the key to the Fancy Leather Trunk will spawn inside Halperin Hotel.

In Halperin Hotel, turn right in the lobby to find a stuck elevator. This elevator will allow you to climb up to the third floor, where the trunk is located.

However, this time, you will find a new zombie on the third floor named Mutated Guest in Dead Island 2. If you don’t find Mutated Guest next to the elevator, don’t worry and just search along the long hallways of the third floor of Halperin Hotel to find him.

Mutated Guest is an Abomination-type zombie. The zombie is quite resistant to all attack types and has ranged attacks, where he launches spikes from his chest. You must be prepared to kill him, as he is not alone here.

You also have other zombies to take care of in a narrow hallway. Do kill any zombie that appears so you don’t get ganged up on when you finally fight Mutated Guest.

Defeating Mutated Guest in Dead Island 2 will drop the Fancy Leather Trunk key, which you can then use to open the Fancy Leather Trunk in front of the elevator on the third floor. The main item you get from the trunk and other loot is the Tenacious blueprint.

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