Dead Island 2 Electrician’s Toolbox Key Location

Finding the electrician's toolbox key in Dead Island 2 requires taking down a specific target and we will help you find it.

During the Rage Quit main story quest in Dead Island 2, you will run into a locked Electrician’s Toolbox. Getting access to that locked box is worth it as these toolboxes contain some good weapon mods or blueprints. However, figuring out how to open the locked Electrician’s toolbox is a hassle. Thankfully, we are here with the Dead Island 2 Electrician’s toolbox key location.

All the toolboxes found in Dead Island 2, almost 50 of them, are locked and require specific keys to unlock them. The keys can be obtained by killing specific zombies which only appear after triggering a specific event or progressing to a certain point in the main story. The electrician’s toolbox key in Dead Island 2 is no different and drops from a named zombie.

Electrician’s Toolbox Location

dead island 2 electrician's lockbox

While progressing through the main story of Dead Island 2 on Ocean Avenue, you will come across a building in the Northeast area. The said building is named Thalia and holds residential flats. It is the Northernmost building of Ocean Avenue. Make your way to the second floor and enter the first room to the right in the corridor.

You will find a rigged shotgun lying on a single bed. Right next to the bed is a closed cabinet. Open it to find Electrician’s Toolbox. Finding the toolbox will mark its location on the map to access it easily after finding the electrician’s toolbox key.

Where to find Dead Island 2 Electrician’s Toolbox Key

Electrician’s toolbox key in Dead Island 2 can be obtained by killing a zombie named Faulty Electrician. The said zombie is roaming in an area Northwest of the Electrician toolbox location. This area is blacked out on the map and is right next to the sewers.

Make your way to the area and you will find a gaping hole in the road. This pit is filled with water and the faulty electrician zombie can be found near an ambulance.

Faulty Electrician can be a difficult fight if you go up close and try to take it down with melee attacks. Faulty Electrician uses electric attacks which can chip away at your health at a rapid pace. Combine those electric attacks with the water surrounding you and an imminent death is all but guaranteed for you. 

The best way to take down the Faulty electrician is from a distance using ranged weapons. Attacking the faulty electrician will summon a few other zombies too which are a bit more powerful than your main target.

Clear the area of zombies and collect the Electrician’s toolbox key from the Faulty electrician’s body. Head back to the apartment building and open the Electrician toolbox to obtain Superior Ranged Mutilator Mod. This mod gives physical damage and stamina boost against weakened zombies and is one of the best mods available in Dead Island 2.

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