Dead Island 2 Burger 66 Locker Key Location

Dead Island 2 Burger 66 Locker's key location, which may perplex you just like it did with several other gamers in pursuit of unlocking ...

The Venice Beach region of Dead Island 2 contains several lockboxes and other key locations, which makes it a must for the players to find certain keys and unlock their corresponding items. One prime example is Dead Island 2 Burger 66 Locker’s key location, which may perplex you just like it did with several other gamers in pursuit of unlocking the Burger 66 Staff Locker.

But worry not, as we have prepared this comprehensive guide to guide you through the simplest way to find and get the Burger 66 Locker key and ultimately win you the sweet loot.

How to get Dead Island 2 Burger 66 Locker key

The Burger 66 Staff Locker finds its home in the back room of Burger ’66, just opposite the Blue Crab.

At the starting phase of Venice Beach, there is a main safe house, which you can visit whenever you like. The Staff Locker is near this safe house, across the roadside.

To find the key in Dead Island 2, you must travel from the safe house to the police station in the Venice Beach area. Just ahead of the police station, a fountain toward the south with a pyramid-shaped material will be at the center.

Approach the fountain as soon as you see it, and look for an obese zombie near it. This is the Burger 66 Server, and he holds the required key.

An alternate way to access the Burger 66 Locker key

You can also get to the fountain by getting Cold Pork side quest from the safe house and then encountering the zombie server near the fountain as part of the side quest in Dead Island 2.

Remember that you need around level 17 to approach this monstrous zombie, as he is also a level 17 Slobber. In addition, the enemy throws poisonous green substances at you if you are close to him. So, keep a distance while engaging him, and throw a couple of mid-range weapons at the zombie to eliminate him.

After taking out the Burger 66 Server in Dead Island 2, tap the action button to receive the well-needed locker key. Now, you need to return to the locker at Burger ’66 restaurant and head to the toilets room, as you will find the locker there. Open it using the key you just acquired.

All this hard work won’t go in vain, and you will receive a Gastric Bypass Hammer as a reward for successfully opening the staff locker in Dead Island 2.

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