Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Trunk Key Location

In Dead Island 2, Coach's Car Trunk Keys are needed to open Coach's Car which contains a great weapon. Here is how to get them!

While running around the streets of Bel-Air in Dead Island 2, you might have come across a black SUV parked across the street. If you don’t know, this car belongs to Coach Curtis and has a locked trunk. This trunk contains a powerful melee weapon. To open it you, need Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Trunk Key.

If you are confused as to where to get it or are just stuck in the process, don’t worry. We’ll tell you all about it in an easy-to-understand way.

Where to find Coach’s Car

Chances are you have already found the car. But in case you haven’t, you can find Coach’s Car parked against the wall in the Bel-Air region. It will be where Access Road 782 meets Access Road 781, marked on the map below.

From outside, the car is a black SUV and is behind Emma’s Mansion. You can access it by taking the road leading from Emma’s house.   

Where to find Coach’s Car Trunk Keys in Dead Island 2 

Once you have found the Coach’s car, we can now start looking for the keys to the car. The keys can be found from Coach Ace who has now turned into a zombie.

To get to Coach Ace, you need to take the road East from where Coach’s Car is located. A few meters down, you will come across the stairs to the mansion on the right side.  

You will then find yourself on the Tennis Court where Coach Ace can be found. She can easily be recognized by her red top and headband.

dead island 2 coach's car trunk key

Since she’s a zombie, you get to kill Coach Ace. But be careful because she is a powerful enemy and will make quick work of you. Be patient and dodge all her incoming attacks. Find an opening between her attack patterns and then retaliate.

Killing Coach Ace in Dead Island 2 will give you Coach’s Car Trunk Keys. You can then go back to the car to unlock the trunk, which will reward you with an Agile Golf Club.  

This melee weapon is perfect for dealing critical damage to the head of your enemies. If you use this weapon for killing zombies, you will also get Agility Boost making it even more useful.

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