Dead Island 2 Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key Location

Kelly Jo’s Suitcase key in Dead Island 2 is required to open the Kelli Jo’s Suitcase. The Suitcase has a reward for you to collect but ...

Most of the Dead Island 2 gameplay involves only searching for the container or keys from specific locations. Afterward, you must open the containers using the keys to get new weapons or equipment. One such instance is Kelly Jo’s Suitcase, which you can unlock using the Dead Island 2 Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key.

How to get Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key in Dead Island 2

Before starting the quest for the key, you need to find Kelli Jo’s Suitcase. To do so, you must approach the narrow passageway between blocks 5 and 6 (as shown in the map below).

You will see this particular Suitcase during your prior visit to its place in the “Michael Anders and the Holy Grail” quest. Kelli Jo’s Suitcase is currently locked, and to open it, you need to find the key in Dead Island 2.

For the key, you must follow the quest above in Beverly Hills until you encounter the zombie near the white shack. If you possess the Fast Travel feature in the game, it is better to utilize it for traveling to the Monarch Studios in no time.

A Screamer undead named Kelli Jo Longeteig in Dead Island 2 holds the key you are searching for. To approach this little monster, you must head to the street between block number 3 and Outdoor Stage. There, close to the White Shack, you will find the monster.

If Kelli Jo zombie has not appeared yet, it means that you need to complete two more side quests. These side quests are “It Came from Monarch Studios” and “Boz Makes a Bang.” When you face the Kelli Jo zombie, attack it using your weapons to eliminate the damn monster to receive the key in Dead Island 2 from its possession.

After getting the Kelli Jo Key, return between blocks 5 and 6 and open the Suitcase to receive an Agile Officer’s Sword as a reward for your hard work.

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