Dead Island 2 Goat Pen Master Keys Location

Gaining unrestricted access to the Goat Pen in Dead Island 2 requires Goat Pen Master Keys which is what we are here to help you find.

During the Creature Comforts side quest, Curtis will ask you to get him some wine from the Goat Pen. Unfortunately, the wine room is locked and to open it the normal way, you need the Dead Island 2 Goat Pen Master Keys.

While exploring the Bel-Air district of Dead Island 2, you must have encountered a massive mansion with a lot of streaming equipment lying around. That place is the famous Dead Island 2 Goat Pen, a streamer/content creator house whose inhabitants are all zombies now. While you are free to explore the mansion anytime, there isn’t much reason to do until you are on the Creature Comforts side quest for Curtis.

How to get the Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2

The Goat Pen is on Alpine Drive road, right behind Curtis’ house and south of Emma Jaunt’s place. Like most keys in the game, the Goat Pen Master Keys are also held by a named zombie that you need to kill. Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far to find the zombie.

Simply turn around from the Wine Room, go down to the driveway, and then proceed towards the entertainment room where all the pool tables, bowling, and other games are. Within this area, you will find a zombie named Goat Pen Jamie. Kill him and he will drop the DI2 Goat Pen Master Keys for you to pick up.

Alternative ways to gain entry to areas or find Goat Pen Master Keys

Since Dead Island 2 is a sandbox, you don’t actually need the Goat Pen Master Keys to access the wine room or the master bedroom. You will notice that the Wine Room has glass windows, you can simply smash those and enter inside to pick up the wine you need for Creature Comforts side quest.

Do keep in mind that breaking the glass will trigger a security alarm and summon nearby zombies. Be sure to quickly destroy the alarm once you are inside.


There is also another way to get the Goat Pen Master Keys besides killing Jamie. On the upper levels of the Goat Pen, you must have spotted a locked door to the Master Bedroom. The master bedroom also has one set of keys inside it. You will need to enter the master bedroom to pick up some cigars for Curtis.

If you go out onto the pool balcony on the right-hand side of the Master Bedroom door, you should be able to see the window of the bedroom and will realize it is breakable just like the wine room windows.

Simply throw a weapon at the window and then jump across the gap to grab the ledge and climb into the master bedroom. Here you will find the Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2 which will allow you complete access to the Goat Pen mansion.

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