Dead Island 2 Police Dept Keycard Location

Finding the Dead Island 2 Police Dept keycard is part of another side quest available on Venice Beach called “Cold...

Finding the Dead Island 2 Police Dept keycard is part of another side quest available on Venice Beach called “Cold Pork”. This keycard is required to access the armory of the police station and loot some weapons to complete the quest. Make sure you have at least reached the “Rage Quit” main quest before attempting Cold Pork side quest.

How to start Cold Pork side quest

To access Cold Pork side quest, go to Blue Crab Grill in the Southeast region of Venice Beach. Talk to Trent there and he will tell you about a weapon cache present inside the police station’s armory. Talking to Trent will start the “Cold Pork” side quest.

Now when you get to the police station to proceed with the Cold Pork quest, your progress will be blocked due to the missing Police Dept keycard. The door that leads to the police station armory is locked by an electronic keycard mechanism.

Where to find Dead Island 2 Police Dept Keycard

To find the police department keycard in Dead Island 2, enter the first room to your left. It is the officers’ room and the place where you can find the police department keycard.

The police department keycard is on a shelf to the right. Fight your way through undead police officers to obtain the keycard. This area is full of tough enemies, so you need to be aptly prepared for this encounter.

This room has another key, a holding cell key, which you can use to open a holding cell in the same area. Defeat a bloater zombie to get your hands on its stash. Leave the area by using the keycard. The next area is full of zombies so take your time and defeat them before proceeding any further.

Enter the police station armory by using the keycard and loot the weapons there. This will change your quest marker location to Blue Crab. Exit the police station via backdoor by using the same police department keycard and make your way back to Blue Crab.

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