Dead Island 2 Gang Green Safe Key Location 

In Dead Island 2, the Gang Green Safe Key is one of several keys needed to access lockboxes in the game. These contain valuable loot. Here is how to get it!

The Gang Green Safe Key is one of the many keys that you will need to access certain lockboxes in Dead Island 2. All of these keys are held by different types of zombies that you will face throughout the game. And so, you will have to take out these undead abominations before getting your hands on them. 

Hence, to secure the Dead Island 2 Gang Green Safe key you will need to venture southeast from the safe’s location. There you will find the key but there is a catch.

How to get the Gang Green Safe Key in Dead Island 2 

You will need the Gang Green Safe key to access the lockbox in the Gang Green Safe Store. To get into the Gang Green Store in Dead Island 2 you will have to go through the back side. If this is the first time you are visiting, then you will find the gate to be locked.  

This also requires a key which you can get by completing a Lost and Found quest in Dead Island 2. You will have to find a character named Pablo. You can pick this Missing: Pablo Lost and Found quest by heading over to the Serling Hotel on Ocean Ave to the missing person’s board.

After you complete this side quest, you will get the Gang Green gate key by killing Doc Marin.

The Gang Green Store Safe lockbox, will be inside this place and will require a key. Head out the back again through the alley towards the street. You will need to head southeast from that store location until you finally get to the area marked on the map below. 


Once you reach this place you need to look for a zombie named Roach. This zombie is a runner so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to take this guy out. He will be near the benches, and he will be the one wearing the black hat. Once you take him out, he will drop the Gang Green Safe key. Pick it up and retrace your steps back to the store. 

Using the Gang Green Safe key you can go behind the counter and unlock the Gang Green Store safe. Inside you will find the Leeching Club which you can claim as a reward that will have (430 to 505) Power in DI2. 

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