Dead Island 2 Cable Guy’s Van Key Location

In Dead Island 2 a black van is parked in the middle of the road, outside the Goat Pen. You will need the Dead Island 2 Cable Guy’s Van key..

Alpine Drive road in the Bel-Air district of Dead Island 2 houses several lootable stashes. All these are locked and require the players to find their respective keys to unlock them. On the road, you also find a black van parked in the middle of the road, just outside the Goat Pen. You will need the Dead Island 2 Cable Guy’s Van key to open the back of the Van.

Getting the key to the Dead Island 2 Cable Guy’s van can be confusing as you need to find the Cable Guy himself in the hordes of zombies littering the street.

Where to find Cable Guy’s Van Key in Dead Island 2

First of all, the cable guy doesn’t spawn for you immediately. You need to progress far enough in the story before Cable Guy appears. Continue with the main story until you complete Halperin Hotel and return to Bel Air at night. This happens during the main story mission, “O Micheal, Where Art Though.

For this quest, you need to save Micheal. The quest will automatically fast forward the time to nighttime. The Cable Guy will spawn in Dead Island 2 after you activate this mission, and you can come back to take his keys anytime from here on out.

Return to Alpine Drive Road in the Bel-Air district to get the key and head to the Goat Pen. The Van is parked outside the Goat Pen. From the Van, head behind the Van and follow the road until you get to the construction work zombie in Dead Island 2.

If you look closely, this zombie in the reflective vest and a hard hat is the Cable Guy. Being the cable guy, he has the key to his Van, and you need to kill him to get the key.

He will periodically explode with an electric charge, creating an AoE around him where you will take electrical damage. Additionally, the Cable Man is immune to all electric-type attacks in Dead Island 2.

You can also find a leading fire hydrant near the Cable Guy, so his electrical charge will hit you harder. Best bring a weapon that allows you to stun lock the Cable Guy and take him out quickly. Once you kill the Cable Guy, he will drop some loot, which includes the Cable Guy’s Van Key in Dead Island 2.

With these keys, head back to the Van and unlock it. Inside the Van, you get the Electrocutor Mod for your weapons. This mod adds electric damage to any weapon you equip in Dead Island 2 and is highly useful against zombies affected by water.

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