Dead Island 2 Starla’s Safe Key Location

Opening Starla's safe in Dead Island 2 can be confusing as there doesn't seem to be a zombie nearby who drops the key to the safe...

Another day in Dead Island 2 and another zombie hoarding a key to a valuable stash. Starla’s awards show safe box is present in the Hollywood Boulevard region and needs you to find and defeat a particular zombie to get your hands on the Dead Island 2 Starla’s safe key to unlock it.

The prerequisite to opening Starla’s Safe lockbox is to complete the entire main story of Dead Island 2. As usual, you can mark the lockbox location on your map, but Dead Island 2 doesn’t tell you about the location or name of the zombie you need to defeat. But fret not, this is where we come in to help you find and defeat the monstrosity of a zombie to obtain the key to Starla’s safe.

Where to find Starla’s Safe

Starla’s awards show safe in Dead Island 2 is hidden inside a tent just to the West of the Hollywood Boulevard sign on the map and Northwest of Los Valente. Crawl through a vent to reach this place and interact with the box to mark it on the map. 

The opening to the vent is barred with wooden logs which can be destroyed with melee weapons. Beware of a lot of zombies between the red carpet and the vent entrance. This area is very hard to miss, and you will come across it multiple times.

Where to find Dead Island 2 Starla’s Safe key

Get out of the tent and from there take a right and then turn left to reach the red carpet. Keep going until you reach the end of the red carpet. Starla is in an open area to the right of the entrance of the Old Dynasty Theatre. This theatre is marked by two golden zombie hand statues at its entrance.

Start killing the zombies in this area to make Starla appear. If she doesn’t appear, come back later after finishing the main quest line of Dead Island 2. Starla is a crusher-type enemy that can deal heavy damage up close so beware.

dead island 2 starla

Keep your distance and fight with ranged weapons. This area is swarmed with strong zombies including spitters, so make sure you have enough ammo and health recovery items to survive the onslaught. Defeat Starla in Dead Island 2 to obtain the key to her safe and return to the tent.

Beware of the screamer on your way back as it will summon a lot of other zombies. Once again, ranged weapons are your best friend in this area. Return to the tent and open the box to receive Smashing Composite Sledgehammer to smash open some zombie heads.

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