Dead Island 2 Gang Green Gate Key Location

The entrance to the Gang Green store for Missing Pablo quest in Dead Island 2 is locked but we can help you find the gate key.

During the Missing: Pablo quest in Dead Island 2, you will be required to search the Gang Green Store in Venice Beach. Unfortunately the gate to the store is locked and requires the Dead Island 2 Gang Green Gate key which is what we are here to help you with.

Most of the keys in Dead Island 2 can be obtained by killing special zombies and Gang green gate key is no different. The enemy holding the key won’t appear until a certain event is triggered. To trigger this event, you need to start the Missing: Pablo Lost and Found quest and complete its first two steps before proceeding any further.

How to start Missing: Pablo quest

Missing Pablo quest can be obtained from the Missing Persons board in Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue. To access this board, you need to progress the story up to this point and complete a few “Lost and Found” quests before the “Missing Pablo” quest will appear.

You will be informed about Pablo who went in search of certain items from different stores on Venice Beach. Go outside into the lobby of Seling Hotel and fast-travel to Venice Beach to start this quest.

How to get the Gang Green gate key in Dead Island 2

Pablo went in search of Protein Powder and Needles according to the Missing Pablo quest journal. You will need to visit Muscle Beach Proteins Shop and Rose Tattoo Parlor to obtain both items. Obtaining both items will guide you toward Pablo’s last known location, the Gang Green Store.

dead island 2 gang green store

Gang Green store is located in the Northeast part of Venice Beach. The door to the store is barred and you can’t enter the store from the windows either. Go to the back of the store to find a locked door with a small ventilation hole leading into the store. To access this area, you will need the Gang Green store key.

The zombie holding the Gang Green Gate key is Doc Marin, sitting right in front of the Gang Green store’s main door.

How to kill Doc Marin

This is an extremely easy encounter as a few well-placed headshots will take down Doc Marin. But beware, as soon as you kill Doc Marin in Dead Island 2, you will be swarmed by a lot of zombies. Take down these enemies before looting the key from Doc Marin’s body. Head back into the alley and open the gate with Gang Green gate key.

The store is booby-trapped and you need to be extra vigilant before proceeding any further. Destroy the ropes in your path with gunshots to reach Pablo’s dead body. The poor guy survived the zombies’ attack but died after encountering one of the traps inside the store.

Interact with Pablo’s body to complete “Missing Pablo” quest in Dead Island 2. There is a safe behind the counter that you can open with Gang Green Safe key for some extra loot.

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