Dead Island 2 Officer’s Lockbox Key Location

The Dead Island 2 Officer's Secure Lockbox, is one of the many locked containers in the game which requires you to find a key to open ...

In Dead Island 2, you will also come across locked containers containing treasures and powerful weapons. One such container is the Dead Island 2 Officer’s Secure Lockbox, which requires you to find a key to open. But nothing is reward-free, as there is a unique and special weapon inside this chest, so it is worth opening.

How to get the Officer’s Lockbox key in Dead Island 2

If you are on the hunt to find the key to open the Officer’s Secure Lockbox, then we are sure you have an eye on the prize it contains inside. To open the Officer’s Secure Lockbox, first thing first! You need to know where precisely the Lockbox is.

To locate it, pinpoint the LAPD police station in the Venice Beach Region. We’ve provided a map below for you to understand where the exact location of the Police Station is:

Once you reach the Police Station (use the map to get the shield symbol that represents it), go to its Secure Storage Room. It is where you’ll find the Officer’s Secure Lockbox in Dead Island 2, placed right on a metallic shelf. But you will need a key to open it.

Here’s where the adventure begins! You need to find a Zombie Boss and fight it until he is eliminated to get the key from him. To see this zombie boss visit the southwestern side of the Police station. You will encounter Officer Mckenzie here, the zombie Boss in Dead Island 2.

Officer McKenzie is a special Zombie, and it is hard to defeat him because of his high HP levels relative to the other bosses you have encountered earlier. To dispatch him, use your skills and the best weapons to inflict maximum damage.

We would suggest that the best weapon to eliminate this threat will be the iconic Sword, “The One.” This weapon is fast and will leave a lot of damage to the Zombie Boss on each hit. When you defeat Officer McKenzie, be sure to loot the key, and be vigilant, as it might also drop some other items that may be valuable to you later in Dead Island 2. 

Once you have the Officer’s Secure Lockbox key in your possession, make your way back to the LAPD police station to the exact position where the Storage Box is. Open the box, and you will get the Punctuator Nightstick as a reward. 

But what if you visit the Police Station and it is unavailable? Don’t worry; you are not alone. If you haven’t unlocked the police station, you must first complete some quests. 

Alternative way to gain access to the Officer’s Secure Lockbox

To unlock the LAPD Police Station in Dead Island 2, you will need to complete specific requirements as you progress through the game’s storyline, and you’ll have to complete a side mission as well. 

Just follow the theme and use the map to reach Venice Beach. Here search for a safe house named the Blue Crab. Opt for the additional “Cold Pork” mission and start the quest. In this quest, your task is to break inside an LAPD Police Station, the same one where the Officer’s Lockbox Key in Dead Island 2 is located.

Once inside the Police Station, you’ll have to collect some weapons for your armory. After completing the Cold Pork quest, the police station and all its armory will be unlocked forever. This is how you can open the Police Station in Dead Island 2 to get access to the Officer’s Secure Lockbox.

Now you can search for the Officer’s Secure Lockbox key. Once you have the key, go to the Storage Room and claim the valuable loot inside the Lockbox in Dead Island 2.

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