Dead Island 2 Serling Reception Key Location

In Dead Island 2, Serling's Reception Key unlocks a safe and grants you a very useful weapon mod. Here is the process of getting the key!

Dead Island 2 Serling Reception Key is a valuable item you can acquire by taking out a particular zombie. The Key unlocks the Serling Reception Safe, which provides a powerful weapon upgrade, the Superior Melee Mutilator mod.  

You must explore Ocean Avenue in the game to locate both the Key and the Safe. From there you head toward the Serling Mall area where you slay your enemy and claim the key as a prize which in turn will give you wonderful loot.

We will give you the step-by-step process of getting the Serling’s Reception Key in Dead Island 2. 

Where to find Serling Reception Key in Dead Island 2 

There’s a catch for obtaining this key, as you must complete “The Final Gauntlet’ quest given by Dr. Reed before attempting this search. Additionally, another quest, “Plumbing the Depths” must also be completed as it takes you to the Serling Hotel safe house.

Once all of that is done, enter the hotel and turn left toward the mall area from the fast travel point. You can unlock the door leading to the mall without any key reducing some of your headaches.  

After crossing the door, turn left, and you will see the zombie you must dispose of to get the Serling Reception Key in DI2. 

Ranged weapons can come in very handy in this situation. You can unleash your power from a distance without giving many attacking opportunities to your enemies. You must focus your attacks on the zombie named Serling Concierge.

There are red barrels placed all over the place where the zombie is situated, so you can attack those to burn all the nearby zombies. Then all you got to do is wait for the flames to go out and collect the Serling Reception Key from the body of Serling Concierge in Dead Island 2. 

After collecting the key, make your way back toward the Safehouse by taking the stairs. To help you, the game has a board indicating the way toward the safe in the game. 

This will take you to where you started your quest for the key, and you will find the Serling Reception Safe behind the desk. The desk is located on the rear of the Fast Travel poster. Unlock the Serling Reception safe with the key to get Superior Melee Mutilator Mod in Dead Island 2. This weapon mod adds a massive boost to physical damage.

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