Dead Island 2 Delgado’s Supply Case Key Location

Delgado's Supply Crate is a lockbox that can be found in the Venice Beach area of Dead Island 2. You...

Delgado’s Supply Crate is a lockbox that can be found in the Venice Beach area of Dead Island 2. You will need a key to open the Delgado Supply Crate in order to obtain the valuable item it contains. Like other lockboxes, the key to Dead Island 2 Delgado’s Supply Case key is also held by a zombie which you have to find and kill to get the key.

This guide will help you to locate the Delgado Supply Case and how to get its key in Dead Island 2. In case you can’t find the zombie you need to kill, you will need to progress ahead in the main story of the game.

Delgado’s supply case location

You will probably end up encountering the case and require Delgado’s case key if you are doing the Redacted side quest. Follow the paper trail to reach the 1st floor of the military base from the western gate. When you get there, you can find Delgado’s Supply Case on a table along a staircase.

How to get Dead Island 2 Delgado’s supply case key

To find the key, you have to get outside the Military Base towards the beach shores side where there are containers. Kill the crusher zombie near the container. Once he is dead, head toward the right side of the container and you will find a zombie named PVT. Delgado. This is the zombie that is holding the key to Delgado’s Supply Case.

Kill Delgado with your weapon and he will drop the key. Pick the key and head back to the location of Delgado’s Supply Case. You can get the Mutilator Pistol after opening the case. The Mutilator pistol is one of the best pistols in Dead Island 2 with a base power stat of 546.

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