How To Gather Your Allies Baldur’s Gate 3

Gather your Allies is the penultimate quest in Baldur's Gate 3 which represents the results of your actions throughout the adventure.

Gather Your Allies is one of the main line quests in Baldur’s Gate 3. This quest is the final quest in Act 3 right before the final boss fight. This is more of a preparation for the player to recruit allies to fight against the boss Netherbrain – however decisions taken during previous quests and acts would play some role in recruiting the friends.

How to complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Gather your Allies quest

BG3 Gather Your Allies quest starts as soon as you enter the Upper City and begin the final march against the Netherbrain. However, while it may seem like this is a quest where you have to find allies, you actually don’t. You have been gathering your allies in Baldur’s Gate 3 since the start of the game. People who you are friendly with or have helped out will automatically appear in the tavern before you enter the gates.

As such, the BG3 Gather Your Allies quest gets completed automatically once you reach the point of no return. Below we have mentioned all the allies you can recruit to help you in the fight against the Mind Flayers and Netherbrain

Arabella [She is a mage that will support with magic]

  1. Protect her in Act 1
  2. Find her parents in Act 2 and let her stay with you
  3. Search for her in sewers in Act 3

Armored Owlbear [High Defence. Good Tank]

  1. Save the cub in Act 1 and invite it to your camp
  2. Rescue the cub from Goblin Camp
  3. Take care of the cub for 3 nights

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Barcus Wroot and Wulbren [Will bring the Ironhand Gnomes]

  1. Save Barcus in both the Acts 1 and 2
  2. Bring Barcus to your camp
  3. Help Wulbren and the others escape prison in Moonrise Towers
  4. Form a peace pact between Wulbren and the Gondians with Barcus’ help

Counsellor Florrick [Will summon Flaming Fist warriors. Good tanks with high defense]

  1. Protect Florrick from fire in Act 1 so he can be found in Act 3
  2. Protect Florrick from Wyrm Prison

Dammon [Fits the armor plates on the Owlbear]

  1. Give him infernal iron to Karlach’s heart when interacting with him in Act 1 or 2

Duke Ulder Ravengard [+30 Temporary HP]

  1. Complete Wyll’s side quest by either keeping or breaking the Pact in Act 3
  2. Save the duke from the Iron Throne

Emperor/Orpheus [Gain RES to Psychic damage and +3 to Charisma, Wisdom and Intelligence within 18 meters]

  1. Get the Orpheus Hammer from House of Hope
  2. Free Orpheus

Halsin [+1 to all abilities, +2 meters in movement]

  1. Save the Druid Grove from the Goblins in Act 1
  2. Complete the side quest to help Halsin with shadow curse in Act 2

Isobel [Is a Cleric – Restores 14-84 health up to six allies (can only be used once)]

  1. Thwart Marcus’ plan to kidnap Isobel in Last Light Inn
  2. Do not kill Nightsong in Act 2
  3. Do not side with Lorroakan in Act 3

Jaheira’s Harpers [Archer Support from the back]

  1. Recruit her in Act 2
  2. Help her survive Last Light Inn.
  3. Help her survive the assault on Moonrise Tower
  4. Complete Companion Quest in Act 3

Lorroakan [Promises Magical Might of the Ramazith’s Tower]

  1. Do not kill Nightsong in Act 2
  2. Side with Lorroakan

Nightsong [Summons Dame Aylin to fight the minions]

  1. Save Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3 in Act 2
  2. Side with Nightsong against Lorroakan

Mizora [AOE magic rain]

  1. Save her from Mind Flayer in Act 2
  2. Keep Wyll’s pact with her

Ulma and the Gur [Summons Gur Huntwardens skirmishers and ranged attacks]

  1. Prevent Astarion’s ascend to full vampire
  2. Rescue a captive to prevent fight between Ulma and you.

Inspector Valeria & the watch [Great weapon weilders]

  1. Open Hand Temple Murder quest in Act 3
  2. Complete Murder Investigation
  3. Save them from Bhaal Worshippers after interacting with Murder Tribunal

Yurgir [Calls invisible capable demonic Orthon]

  1. Do not kill him in Act 2
  2. Convince Yurgir to team up with you against Raphel in Act 3 in House of Hope.

Volo the Bard [+2 to attack rolls, save throws, ability checks]

  1. Rescue him from the Goblin Camp in Act 1
  2. Requests help in Act 3 near the southwestern portion of the Lower City

Bhaal’s Slayer [Grants you Slayer Form]

  1. Defeat Orin The Red in Dark Urge Origin.
  2. Become Bhaal’s Chosen

Vampire Ascendant Astarion [Uses Vampire Abilities]

  1. Allow Astarion to become a Vampire in Cazador’s Dungeon

Viconia DeVir [Have Shar’s Faithful by your side]

  1. Spare Nightsong in Act 2 using Shadowheart
  2. Make her embrace the Selunite origin
  3. Betray Shadowheart and give her Shar’s faithful in Sharran Lookout and House of Grief in Act 3
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