How To Get Owlbear Cub In Baldur’s Gate 3

Making Owlbear Cub in Baldur's Gate 3 your companion requires considerable effort and hardship, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Owlbear Cub is one of the companions that Baldur’s Gate 3 features during Act I of the game. During the game’s storyline, Owlbear Cub will first find you as your enemy. You can make him your companion by choosing the right dialogues in the game.

Doing so requires considerable effort and hardship, but it will all be worth it. Adopting and adding Owlbear Cub to your party need you to go through a series of events explained in detail here.

Owlbear Cub location in Baldur’s Gate 3

In BG3, you will find Owlbear Cub inside the Owlbear Nest. To get to this nest, travel to Silvanus Grove and travel east until you come across the wooden bridge.

If you stay on the same path after the bridge, you will soon encounter the Blighted Village. Head North after crossing the village and travel to the heart of the forest past the riverbank.

Once you reach the coordinates (X:85, Y:444), you will get the entrance to the Owlbear Nest cave in BG3. The cave houses only the Owlbear nest and can easily be found by heading west inside. Doing so, you will find Owlbear and her Cub.

Owlbear Cub in the Goblin Camp

During the next storyline of BG3, you need to find Owlbear Cub from the Goblin Camp and set him free from there. This, however, is necessary for you to make Owlbear Cub your companion.


To get to the Goblin Camp, travel west from the Blighted Village, and you will find the camp on your left. Once you arrive at the Goblin Camp, you can enter outright, as Goblin will consider you an enemy. To prevent that from happening, you can use the help of the Social Manipulation Spell, which will mask you as an ally.

After using this spell, you can walk past the guard outside the Goblin Camp. Once inside the camp, you must find your way to the NPC named Krolla by taking the first left from the entrance. Soon after meeting the NPC, you must persuade her to set free the imprisoned Owlbear Cub in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can use several ways to allow Krolla to take the Owlbear Cub with you. The ways include bribing her for 500 Gold, using Illithid Mind Control, and intimidating and persuading her.

Any abovementioned methods will work, and you can take Owlbear Cub. Once you find the Cub, you can allow him to use your scent as a navigation to reach back to your campsite.

Owlbear Cub in your campsite

Once you have released Owlbear Cub from the Goblin Camp in BG3, you just need to do one last step for him to be your companion. However, this is first waiting for him to return to your campsite. Once that happens, you need to win him over to adopt him.

You must pass Animal Handling Check in the 10 Difficulty Class to do that. Afterward, you must select the dialogue “Fetch a Piece of Food From Your Bag.” Once you have the food in your hand, select the dialogue “Toss the Food to the Owlbear.”

Doing so will complete the process of adopting the Owlbear Cub and will disappear into the forest.

Should you spare or kill the Owlbear in BG3

Once you find the Owlbear inside her nest in Baldur’s Gate 3, she will begin a dialogue with you if she successfully spots you. Owlbear will then try to frighten you with the intention that you will back off from the nest. After that, there are two ways things can go depending on if you pass the dialogue check or not:

Pass her dialogue check

Owlbear in BG3 will begin a dialogue with you, and if you successfully pass her dialogue check, she will consider you friendly. This means that Owlbear and her Cub will not attack you, and the fight can be prevented. To pass the dialogue check, you need to use the help of several spells. The first spell that can help you is Speak with Animals Friendship.

This spell allows you to calm her down with its intimidation checks. Another spell that can help you with Owlbear is Animal Friendship. This spell also helps you with the intimation checks of Owlbear. Another important thing to note is that Owlbear will go into combat if you try to come close to her.

For this reason, you should always maintain your distance from Owlbear in Baldur’s Gate 3, even if things are going well.

Fail her dialogue check

On the other hand, if you are not successful in passing her dialogue check, Owlbear will consider you her enemy. After these events, Owlbear and her Cub will instantly start a combat with you. Owlbear cub will stop attacking you and become non-hostile if you kill the mother, Owlbear, in BG3.

Once the mother Owlbear dies, Owlbear Cub will start eating her mother’s carcass. You have the option to end the Owlbear Cub misery. But it is not advised because you need him later in the storyline of Baldur’s Gate 3.

On the other hand, if you didn’t kill the mother Owlbear, she would later be killed by the Goblin located in the Blighted Village. This is because Owlbear killed a bunch of village people before. After killing the mother Owlbear, village people will capture Owlbear Cub.

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