How To Solve Open Hand Temple Murders in Baldur’s Gate 3

Solve the Open Hand Temple murders takes place during the third act of BG3 in the city of Revington. Find sister Yannis who is either wande..

Solve the Open Hand Temple murders is one of the main quests that take place during the third act of Baldur’s Gate 3. The whole quest takes place in Revington on the outskirts of Baldur’s Gate, a place both holy and bloody in nature. You are the only hope for any victims of this city of madness and the same stands true for both Lorgan and Brilgor. 

The investigator is trying her best to pin the murder on Brilgor and shut this case as murder-suicide without any investigation. It is now up to you to not only solve the Open Hand Temple murders in Baldur’s Gate 3 but also confront Valeria about her lack of interest in finding the true culprit. This guide will allow you to cover all these aspects in detail.

How to gather clues within BG3 Open Hand Temple

To start “Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders” quest in BG3, first you need to visit the Open Hand temple located at (X: -48, Y: -16) in Revington. Find Sister Yannis (a gnome) who is either wandering the halls of the temple or talking to a Hollyphant, Inspector Valeria.

Once you talk to her, Sister Yannis will implore you to find the real culprit behind all the grisly murders. These are the options we recommend that you select while talking to her. 

  • “Sounded like you were having quite the disagreement”. 
  • “If you think the investigator did a shoddy job, I can look into it”. 
  • “Where I can find the investigator”. 

She will ask you to start by looking for the murder weapon first. There is no other clue where to find the weapon. If you have already unlocked “Speak with the Dead” spell, go to the location at (X: -60 and Y: -20). Talk to Father’s Lorgan dead body to get the next clue about BG3 Open Hand Temple murders which involves finding the hidden tunnel.

How to get to the tunnels under the temple

If you don’t have the spell, simply find a hatch that leads to the tunnels beneath the temple. There are two hatches in the Open Hand Temple. One in the kitchen (X: -66, Y: 1) and one in the room to the Northeast of the place where you first saw Valeria and Yannis talking (X: -62, Y: 4).


Once you are inside the tunnel, you will reach a room with a bloody altar. There is a switch to the left of the altar at the location (X: 18, Y: -1006). There is another switch hiding behind the same Heraldic sign on the exact opposite side. Press both switches to remove a wall behind the altar.

Once you pass through the fake wall, you will meet three doppelgangers or shapeshifters there. Kill all three of them and loot their bodies. One of them is carrying a flower key that we will be needing for the next step. There is also a hole in this area at the location (X: 68, Y: -1018). Search the hole to find Stillmaker, the murder weapon.

How to solve Open Hand Temple Murders in Baldur’s Gate 3

Now that you have both the murder weapon and flower key in your hands, it is time to go for the next step. We strongly recommend against meeting Valeria right now with half clues as it will severely hamper the quest progression. Follow this section exactly as it is written.

Where to use the BG3 flower key to solve open hand temple murders

The task you have been assigned now is to find the location where you can use the flower key. This key can be used on a locked wardrobe on the third floor of Fraygo’s Flophouse. This place is to the North of Open Hand Temple and exactly opposite Sharess’ Caress. There are two ways to reach the locked wardrobe in Fraygo’s Flophouse. Simply go into the house and use the ladder at the location (X: 17, Y: -86).

If you can’t access the main door of Fraygo’s Flophouse, go to Sharess’ Caress and make a jump across from the balcony at the location (X: 1, Y: 92) on the third floor. The wardrobe in question is at (X: 20, Y: 85). Open the wardrobe with flower key and enter the hidden room.

Once inside the room, search the Bloody Parchment on the table to your left. This piece of paper contains all the information about every single murder. Now check the bed on the opposite side and pass the perception check. There is a lot of blood on the floor. Roll a successful investigation to find another dead body beneath the bed. The person in question is Ffion. Search her body to obtain Ffion’s Key.

Report to investigator Valeria

Return to your party and find inspector Valeria. She is near the balcony on the second floor of Sharess’ Caress at (X:23, Y: 91). She is a drunkard and absolutely hates to put in extra effort in her work. Use the following options while talking to her. 

  • “Afraid so. I have found some new evidence, Investigator”. 
  • “I found the murder weapon you missed in the tunnel under the temple”. 
  • “I assume for the same reason as all other people on the target list. To gain Bhaal’s favour”. 
  • “Tell her about the murder target list you found”. 

Valeria will hand over a pass that allows you to enter the lower city. This is where you can find and meet Gauntlet Devalla in BG3 to solve the major mayhem plot and save a lot of innocent lives in the process. This also marks the end of Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders quest in BG3.

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