Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Tank Build

A tank player in Baldur's Gate 3 has to take bulk of the damage from enemies so having the right build means your entire party survives.

Every party composition in BG3 needs a tank to control the frontlines of the fight, absorb the damage and distract enemies while dealing high damage to these enemies whilst keeping your entire team safe. A good tank on your team can really make your life easier, so here we have one of Baldur’s Gate 3’s best tank builds to make you a frontline shield for your allies.

Starting Abilities and Skills for Fighter Tank build

Fighters are the perfect class for playing as Tank in BG3. The inert skill the fighter class has make them perfect for tank builds. Fighter builds are already sturdy and tanky and with only a few adjustments, players can make a powerful unkillable character who can deal high damage.

Race: Dwarfs are the best race option when creating a tank build in Baldur’s Gate 3. Gold Dwarf Subclass or Shield Dwarf Subclass, offer proficiency with weapons and are resilient against poison. Picking Dwarf will get you a lot of free buffs which are quite valuable for a tank.

Ability Point Distribution: Strength 16, Dexterity 14, Constitution 16, Intelligence 8, Wisdom 10, Charisma 10

Skills: Survival, Insight, Perception, Athletics, Intimidation

Best Background

The background of your character in BG3 determines a lot of your character’s qualities. These qualities can make a huge difference in your overall build and picking the best background will make your build stronger. For the BG3 tank build, the best background possible here is a Soldier background. This background offers high proficiency in Athletics and Intimidation which further increases your strength and charisma stats.

Players can also choose the Outlander background if they want more investment into their character’s survivability. Outlanders are damage sponges and can stand powerful attacks easily.

Best Feats for BG3 Tank build

Choosing feats for your character is important and a risky decision as you can pick only 3 feats for your character, and one feat every 4 levels. Let us look at the best feats for a Fighter Tank build in BG3.

Level 4: Athlete – Athlete feat grants characters +1 Strength or Dexterity. With the Athlete feat, you also get 50% additional jump distance.

Level 8: Great Weapon Master – Whenever players kill an enemy or get a critical hit, that move is counted as a bonus move. Furthermore, attacks with heavy weapons can also deal +10 damage at the cost of -5 Attack Roll penalty.

Level 12: Moderately Armored – Armor proficiency with medium armor and medium shield. You also get +1 to your strength or dexterity, up to a maximum of 20.

Best Armor and Weapons

Helm – Enforcer Helmet: Gain 1d6 HP when you knock an enemy unconscious  

Back – Fleshmelter Cloak: Deals Acid damage when you take a melee hit from an enemy

Armor – Adamantine Scale Mail: Reduces all damage by 1 and every melee attack sends your attacker into Reeling for 2 turns.

Hands – Gauntlets of Surging Accuracy: Gain 1d4 bonus to attack rolls on using Action Surge.

Melee Weapon – Halberd: Provides increased reach to all your attacks

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