Baldur’s Gate 3: Investigate The Murders Quest Walkthrough

Is it just a random serial killer or an organized crime that has shaken the foundation of the Lower City? Let us investigate the murders together.

Investigate the Murders is a branching quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that takes place in Rivington and the Lower City areas during Act 3. This quest allows you to meet the Murder Tribunal and provides you with a way to enter the Temple of Bhaal to tackle Orin, one of the primary antagonists.

This long quest overlaps with many other side quests, including Dribbles’ The Clown Body parts. To make it simple, we will be starting from the very first step.

How to start Investigate the Murders quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

As you reach the Open Handle Temple and meet Sister Yannis, you will find her reeling from the murder of Father Lorgan in Open Hand Temple and implores you to find the real culprit. The investigation leads you to the underground tunnels beneath the temple, where you can find the Flowery Key.

This key can be looted from the body of a doppelganger who attacks you with his companions. It can be used to open a hidden room inside Fraygo’s Flophouse, which is opposite Sharess Caress Inn. Climb the stairs near the wall facing the street to reach the third floor. There is a locked wardrobe that you can open with the flowery key.

Once you enter the hidden room in Fraygo’s Flophouse, there is a Bloodstained Parchment containing the list of people who have already been killed and the list of future victims in order. You can find another dead body beneath the bed. This starts the Investigate the Murders quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Take this Bhaalist List to Inspector Valeria, who is on the second floor of Sharess Caress. She is an olyphaunt and believes the murder case is already closed. Upon seeing the list, she will become convinced that the killer is still on the loose and ask you to stop the murders from happening.

Valeria will ask you to meet Gauntlet Devalla, who is already investigating another murder. Take the lower city pass from Valeria and go to the Elfsong Tavern to meet Devalla.

Gauntlet Devalla location

Gauntlet Devalla is in the Elfsong Tavern, which is to the Northwest of the lower city. With the pass in your hand, you can easily enter the city without any commotion. Make your way to the tavern and then talk to Fist Rusk, standing near the stairs to the right (X: 70, Y: 3). Tell him that Valeria sent you here, and he will allow you to go to the second floor.


There is a bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 that prevents Devalla from spawning randomly. Make a quick save before you enter the Elfsong Tavern, and if she is not there, restart the game and reload your save.

As you enter the room, you will find Devalla investigating a grisly murder. Show the Bloodstained Parchment to her containing the list of the victims. She will ask you to investigate and help the possible victims from the Lower City. In the meantime, she will help the ones residing in the Upper City.

Stop the Murderer

Out of 11 people mentioned in the Bhaalist’s list, 5 are already dead. 2 reside in the Upper City, and you can find the remaining 4 people in the Lower City.


You can visit the houses of the dead people and learn about the motivations of the murderer. You can also talk to a rat by using the Speak with the Animals spell to get the description of the Murderer.

Chef Roveer is the first name and is also the easiest one to find. He is in the kitchen (X: 64, Y: 10) of the same place, the Elfsong Tavern. He won’t take your warning seriously and asks you to clear the rats from his storehouse. Complete Roveer’s Storehouse side quest and talk to him again. This time, he will heed your warning and hide.

The next target on the list is Cora Highberry. She is outside a large home Southeast of Elfsong Tavern, where the wine festival is being held. Talk to her (X: 27, Y: -38) and select the following option only.

  • “Poison. Beauteous. Sickly. Delicate”.

Dolor, the killer who is trying to kill Cora, will get upset. He will attack the party with his doppelgangers. Dolor will most likely escape the scene with Cora unless you have the Counterspell to stop him. Kill the doppelgangers and loot their bodies to obtain the Tombstone Shop Key.

The final target on the list that you can save is Figaro Pennygood. He is available in Facemaker’s Boutique, east of Baldur’s Gate waypoint. Once you enter the boutique, use the large double door in the upper right corner. A cutscene will start with Dolor threatening Figaro Pennygood and Gauntlet Devalla, who are lying on the floor, incapacitated.

This is a very challenging battle against 7 assassins. Make sure to save before you enter the boutique to reevaluate your strategy in case of a loss. After defeating the assassins, search Dolor’s body for a Hand Bag and a book, Dirge of the Unholy Assassin. Make sure you read the book to get the password. These are the most crucial items required to complete Investigate the Murders quest.

Open the bag to find the hands of the people Dolor has killed so far. These include.

  • Duke Stelmane
  • Father Lorgan
  • Alexander
  • Franc

Read the Torn and Bloody page to learn about Dolor’s intentions and why he did all of this. Long story short, to appease Bhaal and protect Orin from Gortash.


You can kill the targets yourself and collect their body parts for a branching storyline that will see you become an Unholy Assassin of the Bhaal.

The next step to finally solve this bloody mystery is to investigate the Murder Tribunal. To reach the tribunal, you must go through Candulhallow Tombstones with the key you found previously from the body of an assassin.

Candulhallow Tombstones location and Secret Entrance

The entrance to Candulhallow Tombstones is located to the East of Elfsong Tavern. Fast travel to Basilisk Gate and then travel North to find the locked gate marked on the map (X: 73, Y: 21). Use the tombstone key to enter the house.

Turn right and pass through two doors to enter a small room with a painting in the right-hand corner. It is called Butterfly on Skull, and its exact location is (X: 91, Y: 13). Move the picture and press the hidden button to remove the bookcase, exposing the hidden door. Now go to the locked cellar door and reply with the following password.

  • “Sicarius”.

This will transport you to the Bhaalist crypt. If you didn’t read Dirge of the Unholy Assassin, you will need to pass a DC20 Deception check to gain entry into the Murder Tribunal.

Infiltrate the Murder Tribunal

Go straight from the entrance and then turn right. Keep going until you reach the dead end. Open the door to the right to enter the Tribunal Antechamber (X: -1300, Y: 509). Talk to That Which Guards and hand over the bag to him. Use the following dialogue option only. 

  • “I killed to be here. And took the victim’s hand as proof”.

If you plan on killing the Muder Tribunal, kill the guards before starting a fight with Anchev Sarevok. They will join the fight, and your chances of winning will become virtually zero.

This will need you to pass another deception check. From there, turn left and pass two more guards to enter the Murder Tribunal. Talk to Sarevok Anchev and present him with the hands as proof. If you killed and collected the hands yourself, you will pass this section easily. If you stole these from Dolor, you must pass a DC20 deception check.

How to defeat Anchev Sarevok

If you fail, the fight with Sarevok will commence immediately. He will ask you to follow him to another chamber if you pass. Inside the chamber, you will find Valeria chained. Sarevok will ask you to kill her to show your devotion. Now, you will have two options at this point. Either kill Valeria and become the unholy assassin of Bhaal or kill Sarevok Anchev to save Valeria from her dreadful fate. Use the following reply to initiate a battle.  

  • “Blood will be spilled, Sarevok. I will slaughter you”.  

Sarevok is a level 16 boss; you must be at least level 10 for this fight. He uses permanent Haste and attacks you thrice in a row with damage up to 100. The best way to handle this fight is by using either Polymorph or Hold Person spells on Sarevok. 

Take out his minions in the meantime. Killing the echoes will increase his attack and defense. He will also be protected with Sanctuary. Use AoE attacks like Fireball to whittle his health down slowly and steadily.

Once Sarevok is defeated, you can loot his body to obtain the Sword of Chaos, Sarevok’s Horned Helmet, Amulet of Bhaal, Map to Bhaal Temple, and Abattoir Key. You can read the map to find Orin’s location.

Use your weapon to cut Valeria’s chains and free her. If you haven’t read the map, Valeria will pinpoint the location of the Temple of Bhaal for you. This marks the end of the quest.

Investigate the Murders quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 is time-sensitive, to an extent. Once you start the quest and take multiple long rests (3-4), Roveer and Cora will die. There is another timed sequence when you defeat Sarevok. If you take way too long to find the Temple of Bhaal and defeat Orin, she will kill the hostage.

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