How To Investigate The Murders In Baldur’s Gate 3

Investigate the Murders is a branching main quest in Baldur's Gate 3 that takes place in Rivington and the Lower City areas during the thir..

Investigate the Murders is a branching main quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that takes place in Rivington and the Lower City areas. You get access to this quest first when you meet Sister Yannis in the Open Handle Temple. She is reeling from the murder of Father Lorgan in Open Hand Temple and implores you to find the real culprit. 

The investigation leads you to the underground tunnels where you find the Flowery Key. This key opens a whole new Pandora’s box which throws the party into a spiraling conspiracy. Once you use the key to access the hidden room in Fraygo’s Flophouse, there is Bloodstained Parchment containing the list of people already killed and the list of further victims. This starts the Investigate the Murders quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to start Investigate the Murders quest in BG3

Once you receive Bhaalist list from the room, it automatically starts Investigate the Murders quest in BG3. The next step involves finding and talking to Inspector Valeria. She is a flying elephant and is available on the second floor of Sharess’ Caress. This location is exactly opposite Fraygo’s Flophouse and can be accessed either via the main door or by jumping through the balcony.

Once inside Sharess’ Caress, talk to inspector Valeria to show her the list. Only select the following options to proceed your story in forward direction. 

  • “Tell her about the murder target list you found”. 

This will allow you to receive the lower city pass from Valeria and she will also disclose Constable Devalla location, Elfsong Tavern.

Where to find Gauntlet Devalla

Gauntlet Devalla is available inside Elfsong Tavern which is to the Northwest of your current location. Make your way to the tavern and then talk to Fist Rusk standing near the stairs to the right (X: 70, Y: 3). As you have the pass, go past the guards and reach the second floor. Don’t enter the hall or climb the stairs. Go straight to enter a small room.


As you enter this room, a cutscene will trigger and you will have your first and fateful encounter with Gauntlet Devalla during Investigate the Murders quest in BG3. Select the following options when talking to her. 

  • “Tell her about the murder target list you found”.

How to investigate the murders in the lower city in Baldur’s Gate 3

Gauntlet Devalla will leave you in charge of saving the people from the list. She will go to search the upper city herself in the meantime. Out of 11 people mentioned in Bhaalist list, 5 are already dead. 2 reside in the Upper City and you can only save 3 out of 4 people in the Lower City.

How to save Chef Roveer

Chef Roveer is one of the names mentioned on Bhaalist list with their location. He is inside the kitchen in the Elfsong tavern. Go down and enter the kitchen at (X: 64, Y: 10). Talk to him and select the following dialogue option only. 

  • “The rats are unimportant. Your name is on a list of murder targets. You need to hide”. 

He is a stubborn one, but you don’t have time to indulge in his follies.

How to save Cora Highberry

The next target on the list is Cora Highberry. She is outside a large home Southeast of Elfsong Tavern, where the wine festival is being held. Talk to her at the location (X: 27, Y: -38) and select the following option only. 

  • “Poison. Beauteous. Sickly. Delicate”. 

This will introduce you to Dolor who will threaten to kill you and your party for spoiling his fun. Kill all the assassins at the wine festival and loot their bodies to obtain Tombstone Shop key.

How to save Figaro Pennygood

The next target on the list that you can save is Figaro Pennygood. He is available in Facemaker’s Boutique area, east of Baldur’s Gate fast travel point. Once you enter the boutique, use the large double door on the upper right corner. A cutscene will start with Dolor threatening Figaro Pennygood and Gauntlet Devalla lying on the floor incapacitated. 

This is a very challenging battle against 4 assassins. Make sure to save before you enter the boutique to reevaluate your strategy in case of a loss. After defeating assassins, search Dolor’s body to find a Hand Bag and a letter. These are the most crucial items required to complete Investigate the Murders in BG3.

Open the bag to find hands of the people killed so far. These include.

  • Duke Stelmane 
  • Father Lorgan 
  • Alexander 
  • Franc 

Read the Torn and Bloody page to learn about Dolor’s intentions and why was he doing all of this. Long story short, to appease a certain god in the game.

How to enter Murder Tribunal to investigate the murders in BG3

The next step to finally solve this bloody mystery is to investigate the Murder Tribunal. To reach the tribunal you must go through Candulhallow Tombstone with the key you found previously from the body of an assassin.

How to enter Candulhallow Tombstones

The entrance to Candulhallow Tombstones is located to the East of Elfsong Tavern. Fast travel to Basilisk Gate and then travel North to find the locked gate marked on the map (X: 73, Y: 21). Use the tombstone key to enter the area to progress Investigate the Murders in BG3. 

Turn right and pass through two doors to enter a small room with a painting on the right corner. It is called Butterfly on Skull and its exact location is (X: 91, Y: 13). Remove the picture and press the hidden button. Now go to the locked cellar door and select the following dialogue option. 

  • “Speak the phrase. Sicarius”. 

This will transport you to Bhaalist crypt.

Infiltrate Murder Tribunal

To finally finish Investigate the Murders in BG3, go straight from the entrance and then turn right. Keep going until you reach the dead end. Open the door to the right to enter Tribunal Antechamber (X: -1300, Y: 509). Talk to the murder tribunal’s guard and hand over the bag to him. Use the following dialogue option only. 

  • “I killed to be here. And took the victim’s hand as a proof”. 

From there, turn left and pass three more guards to enter Murder Tribunal. Talk to Sarevok Anchev and follow him to the secret chamber. You will find Valeria here chained to the ground. 

Now you will have two options at this point. Either kill Valeria and become unholy assassin of Bhaal or kill Sarevok Anchev to save Valeria from her dreadful fate. Use the following reply to initiate a battle. 

  • “Blood will be spilt, Sarevok. I will slaughter you”. 

Sarevok is a level 16 boss, and you must prepare aptly for this fight. Once defeated loot his body to obtain Sword of Chaos, Sarevok’s Horned Helmet, Amulet of Bhaal, Map to Bhaal Temple and Abattoir Key. Use your weapon to cut Valeria’s chains and free her. This marks the end of Investigate the Murders quest in BG3.

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