How To Side With Halsin To Save The Emerald Grove In Baldur’s Gate 3

Saving Halsin and completing his quest in BG3 allows you to save Emerald Grove and its residents. Read on below how you can achieve this....

Halsin is the first druid in Baldur’s Gate 3 and siding with him is an integral part of the Act 1 questline. Upon reaching Druid Grove for the first time, you will be tasked with finding and saving Halsin by Rath. Halsin plays an extremely important role in saving both Druids and Tieflings of the grove and helps you discover secrets of the parasite inside your head. 

In this guide, we will briefly discuss Halsin location and how you can make him an ally. Halsin offers some tough challenges to earn his favor. But siding with Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 is extremely crucial if you want to recruit and romance Halsin, the first druid option you get in the game.

How to rescue Druid Halsin in BG3

You first get the objective to find and rescue Halsin while within the Druid Grove in BG3. Apparently, he is being held captive as a prisoner inside the goblin camp, to the west of Emerald Grove and the Blighted Village. You can enter goblin camp by either rolling a successful persuasion on the guards or using a Drow character. Another way is to destroy a crumbling wall and sneak past the guards. 

Once inside the camp, you can locate Halsin by either listening to other guards or by killing Priestess Gut and forcing her corpse to reveal the secrets (extremely important to kill her before rescuing Halsin). Halsin is kept inside the Worg Pens, an area in the Northern part of the goblin camp. 

However, to reach the Worg Pens, you need to go through Shattered Sanctum, home to the Nightwarden Minthara. We recommend avoiding her for now and making your way to the pens. You will find a bear in a cell (X: 393, Y: 45). He is being tortured by goblin kids. Use “Talk to Animals” spell to learn that he is Halsin. If you can’t talk to the bear, simply free the bear and side with him by using the options.

  • “What the hells are you doing?” 
  • “How about a taste of your own medicine?” 

This will initiate a fight between goblins and your party. The bear will assist you in decimating the goblins. Upon success, he will turn into a human and reveal himself as the Druid Halsin.


How to help Halsin save the Emerald Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3

Halsin only agrees to help you if you help him with his endeavors in BG3. Apparently, halsin knows what Goblins are planning and he wants to stop them in their tracks. As we are solely doing this walkthrough to earn Halsin’s favor and save Emerald Grove, accept the quest. It involves killing all three leaders of the goblin camp and then finish off the rest. 

The first boss that can be killed with ease during Halsin’s quest in BG3 is Priestess Gut. Before reaching Halsin, you will meet her in the yard patrolling with her guards. As a True Soul, Gut will invite you to her abode. Before she can read your mind and call for reinforcements, attack and kill her. This will result in two outcomes that favor you. Getting rid of one goblin leader and learning Halsin’s location in BG3. 

Minthara resides in the Shattered Sanctum and is THE most difficult boss up to this point. She can destroy you and your party in straight combat. Approach her instead and lure her to attack Druid Grove by posing as her friend. This might make it seem like you are siding with Minthara but in reality, you have to betray her later.

Return to the Druid Grove and let Rath and Zevlor know of the goblin plans. Join forces with Druids and Tieflings to crush the goblin invasion and kill Minthara. You will earn Wyll’s and Shadowheart’s approval. However, “Raid the Grove” quest will fail with your chances to romance Minthara. Asterion and Lae’zel also disapprove of this outcome. 

With more than half of their forces destroyed, the goblin camp will be in disarray. Return to the camp and find Dror Ragzlin in the northern area of the Shattered Sanctum (check the map). At this point, Dror is offensive towards the party and will attack you unprovoked. Make sure to take him down fast and then talk to his dead body to gain some knowledge. Clear the camp of remaining goblins to finish Halsin’s quest in BG3. 

Return to Emerald Grove and find Halsin there. Talk to him and he will let you know that the hostilities between Druids and Tieflings have come to an end. This will also finish “Save the Refugees” quest. Also, complete “Investigate Kagha’s Secret” to end the turmoil inside Emerald Grove once and for all.

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