How To Rescue Wulbren In Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to find Wulbren to rescue him in BG3, you need to reach the location of Moonrise Towers. It is located in the Shadow Cursed Land...

Wulbren is held captive in Moonrise Towers by the Absolute’s followers, to protect them from approaching doom while also making sure to not stir up a fight at Moonrise Towers. This guide will help you find the exact location to reach Moonrise Towers and also where to go inside the tower to reach the location of Wulbern cell. You will also get to know what you need to do there inside to rescue Wulbren and other Tieflings successfully in in Baldur’s Gate 3

Where to find Wulbren in BG3

In order to find Wulbren and other Tieflings to rescue them in BG3, you need to reach the location of Moonrise Towers. It is located in the Shadow Cursed Lands to the south. Another way to reach Moonrise Towers is by going Southwest from the Last Light Inn.

Reach Moonrise Towers

Once you reach the location of Moonrise Towers, go towards the southwest side of the tower to find the door to enter the room. You will observe blood on the surface, giving you the direction towards the stairs. Go down the stairs to find the prison area of the Moonrise Tower.

Look for Wulbren

Once you find Wulbren along with other Tieflings in BG3 in one of these many prisons, you will need to have some conversation with him. Try to convince Wulbren that you came here to help rescue him from the Moonrise Towers prison.

Another way of making him believe that you are here to help him to get out of this prison. This can only be done if you helped rescue Barcus from the Windwill and rescued the Grymforge Gnomes from the trap of Druergar. Once both these things are completed, inform Wulbren that Barcus sent you here to help him.

How to rescue Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3

After Wulbren agrees to accept your help, you need to provide him with some sort of weapon so he can break through the wall behind the prison wall. Give him the hammer you stole from absolute followers. Make sure to not get caught or else everyone in the tower will be unsafe.


You can get Wulbern’s Hammer from a desk on the second floor. But before that you need to defeat four enemies including two Scrying eyes along with Warden and Adept Keris. They are patrolling the area near the prison. We recommend killing the Scrying eyes first to prevent them from calling in reinforcements.

Now take the ladder leading to the second floor and get the hammer from the desk. Once Wulbren receives the hammer, he will get back to his original plan of breaking the brittle walls of the prison including Tieflings’.

Once Wulbren frees all the Tieflings from the surrounding prisons, it will also complete another side quest “Rescue the Tieflings” in BG3.

Unlock Wulbren’s cell and reach Last Light Inn

Once this is done, go back to the warden’s office. Locate the lever for the second cell and pull it. Then go along the path which leads you to the area of the hidden dock with a boat chained to the dock. We recommend that you break two brittle chains to speed up the process of helping Tieflings escape.

As you are done with this activity, you need to have a conversation with Wulbren to tell him that you will join him at the Last Light Inn.

After successfully rescuing Wulbren in BG3, return to Barcus and tell him of your exploits. There you will have a short conversation with him. After listening to you, he will reward you with the Brilliant Retort for the effort to save Wulbren in BG3.

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