How To Rescue Wulbren And Tieflings In Baldur’s Gate 3

Time to jailbreak our favorite gnome, Wulbren, from the Moonrise Towers prison cells.

Rescue Wulbren is a side quest that you can obtain in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, but it only becomes active once you reach the Moonrise Towers in Act 2. Wulbren is the leader of the Grymforge Gnomes, who has been taken to the Moonrise Towers for punishment. It is now up to you to save him from his untimely demise.

Upon killing True Soul Nere and saving the Grymforge Gnomes, they will ask you to save their leader, Wulbren, from his captivity. This will officially start the quest.


If you enter Shadowfell to free Nightsong, the Rescue Wulbren quest will fail automatically. You will get a notification that the Tieflings were never saved.

Wulbren location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Wulbren, alongside some Tieflings, has been kept as a prisoner in the jail cells of the Moonrise Towers. This tower is in the Shadow Cursed Lands and is the stronghold of Ketheric Thorm and the cult of the absolute. There are various ways to reach the tower. 

  • If you enter the Shadow Cursed Lands from the Mountain Pass, you will meet a drider named Kar’niss. Join him as he will escort you to the Moonrise Towers. 
  • If you reach the Last Light Inn from the Underdark, travel Southwest to find the Moonrise Towers. 

Upon entering the tower from the front gate, you can simply walk down to the prison cells. If you are coming from the Last Light Inn, go to the South of the tower near the shore. You can unlock this door with the Knock spell to enter the prison area.

Rescue Wulbren and the Tieflings

You will need to talk with him once you find Wulbren and other Tieflings in one of these many prisons. Talking to prisoners is an offense. You can either deceive or intimidate the guards into thinking that you are here with the permission of Balthazar by passing DC14 checks

Try to convince Wulbren that you came here to help rescue him from the Moonrise Towers prison. There is another way of making him believe you. This can only be done if you help rescue Barcus from the Windwill and rescue the Grymforge Gnomes. If you have completed both tasks, inform Wulbren that Barcus sent you here to help him. 

After Wulbren agrees to accept your help, he will ask for some tools or blunt weapons to break the rocks of the prison wall. This needs to be a weapon with bludgeoning damage. You can throw him any weapon with this property or find Wulbren his hammer.

You can get Wulbern’s Hammer from a desk on the second floor. But before that, you must defeat four enemies, including two Scrying Eyes, Warden, and Adept Keris. They are patrolling the area near the prison. We recommend killing the Scrying eyes first to prevent them from calling in reinforcements.

Now, take the ladder leading to the second floor and get the hammer from the desk. Once Wulbren receives the hammer, he will be thankful and return to his original plan of breaking the brittle walls of the prison, including Tieflings’. 

As Wulbren frees all the Tieflings from the surrounding prisons, it will also complete another side quest, the “Rescue the Tieflings.”

Protect Wulbren and Tieflings during the escape

As Wulbren breaks the prison wall, all the guards in the area will turn hostile. You can disband the group and keep them occupied with conversation while Wulbren is planning the escape. Once he yells RUN, all hell will break loose. Protect the prison entrance with your party members until all Gnomes and Tieflings enter the tunnel.


To avoid any bugs in the quest, allow Wulbren and Tieflings to break the prison walls. Then, follow them through tunnels and escape via the boat.

Once you defeat the guards, follow Wulbren, and he will lead you to the shore. You can also go behind the prison cells and break the walls to avoid confrontation. Once at the deck, break the two brittle chains holding the ship in place. Wulbren will ask you to join him and the Tieflings. He will take you to the Last Light Inn. If you are not here before, a cutscene will start, and you must convince Jaheira to let you in.

Rescue Wulbren quest reward

After you successfully rescue Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3, return to Barcus and tell him of your exploits. There, you will have a short conversation with him. After listening to you, he will reward you with the Brilliant Retort, a bomb that falls in the consumable category.

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