Should You Choose Lorroakan or Nightsong In Baldur’s Gate 3

The wizard Lorroakan has his eye on the Nightsong's immortality for a long time in Baldur's Gate 3. Should you help him or stay with the Nightsong?

Lorroakan is a sorcerer who resides inside Ramazith’s Tower and is heavily associated with Nightsong’s journey in Baldur’s Gate 3. Your first encounter with him occurs during the Find the Nightsong quest, and his plans toward Nightsong are far from innocent. He wants to trap Nightsong and steal her immortality.

With his silver tongue, Lorroakan will do his best to convince you to hand over Nightsong. We are here to help you make a definite choice in this regard.

Lorroakan Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Lorroakan is present inside his chamber in Ramazith’s Tower. However, the entrance to this tower is hidden and can only be accessed through Sorcerous Sundries. Once you reach Lower City during Act 3, make your way to Sorcerous Sundries (X: -10, Y: -75) marked on the map.

This shop is a stronghold of the Sorcerer, and you will come across his followers here. You will find Lorroakan’s projection on the counter. It serves both as a merchant and a checkpoint for your journey to find Lorroakan. Talk to the projection and answer with the following dialogues.

  • Nightsong
  • Yes

This will grant you access to the upper floor of Sorcerous Sundries. Once you reach the next floor via stairs, you will find another projection of Lorroakan. He will offer you an audience if you successfully solve the portal puzzle.

Lorroakan will make four portals appear in front of you. You must select the portal with a plaque in front that says, “Nightsong is an Immortal Being, a child of deity.” In our case, that was the far-left portal with a blue color.

Choosing the right portal will lead you to Ramazith’s Tower, where you can find the sorcerer Lorroakan inside his chambers. If you choose the wrong portal, you will be kicked out of Sorcerous Sundries. If you try to enter the shop again, everyone there will turn hostile immediately. You can use the Greater Invisibility spell in that case.


Make sure you solve the Sorcerous Sundries vault puzzle to obtain 3 legendary books before leaving.

Side with Loroakan or Nightsong

And here comes the dilemma. Once again, Baldur’s Gate 3 will put you in a position where you must choose between one. Your choice will result in killing the other or, in this case, a much worse fate than death.

Upon talking to Lorroakan, he will reveal his plans for Nightsong. You will get two options here. Whether to lie to Lorroakan or tell him the truth. If you decide to tell the truth, he will ask you to bring Nightsong to her in exchange for some rewards. Don’t attack him to make things worse.

Just go with the flow and head back to the camp. Talk to Dame Aylin, aka Nightsong, and tell her about Lorroakan. She will get angry and decide to go after him. Don’t wait for too long once Nightsong leaves the camp. There is a bug that will make you miss the whole section if you take a long rest or keep delaying. Either Nightsong or Lorroakan will be dead, and you will miss out on all the rewards.

Once you reach Ramazith’s Tower through Sorcerous Sundries, you will find yourself between Dame Aylin and Lorroakan. He will ask you to hand over Nightsong to him. Here, you will get three dialogue options and two possible outcomes. You can choose whatever you want, but, in our opinion, siding with Nightsong is the only logical answer.


While inside Ramazith’s Tower for the last time, find and loot legendary staff, Markoheshkir. You will also find the Robe of the Weave cloth in the same location. However, you will need to clear a DC20 Arcana check first.

Side with Lorroakan

If you want to shake hands with the devil and hand over Dame Aylin to Lorroakan, choose the following dialogue option.

  • You can have the immortal Lorroakan. But I expect a fine reward in return.

Dame Aylin will turn hostile at this point. With the help of Lorroakan and his elementals, you can take down Nightsong easily. Lorroakan will decide to join you during the Gather Your Allies quest alongside his summons. You will also get Inspiration: The Karsus of Our Times as a reward.

Side with Nightsong

Choosing other dialogue options will result in you siding with Nightsong against Lorroakan. This will make him hostile and initiate a boss battle. Lorroakan is not a difficult boss, but his elementals make this fight challenging.

Lorroakan uses an Elemental retort, which allows him to use a reaction to hit you with an elemental attack that causes four times the damage (up to 100). This is an Insta-kill attack in most cases. However, you can use Counterspell to avoid this reaction. Spread your party across the arena to avoid getting hit by AoE attacks.

Once Lorroakan is dead in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can loot Despair of Athkala (weapon) and Shelter of Athkala (clothing) as rewards from his body. You will also gain two inspiration points. Inspiration: Stopping the Repetition of History and Inspiration: How High the Fall. The best reward comes in the form of both Nightsong and Isobel joining you during the Gather Your Allies quest. Make sure to talk to them both at the camp after defeating Lorroakan.

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