Diablo 4 Rare Monster Locations To Farm Highest Power Level Items

There are rare monster locations where you can defeat super unique enemies for hidden rares with the highest item power levels in Diablo 4.

Each region of Sanctuary has a few rare monster locations where you can encounter super unique monsters that are guaranteed to drop hidden rare items in Diablo 4.

What makes these rare monster spawns special is that the gear they drop features modifiers and stats way higher than normal. You can potentially obtain weapons with the highest item power levels of Diablo 4.

It is important to distinguish these hidden rare items from unique items that you generally loot from nightmare dungeons and Helltide events. The gear you get from these rare monster locations is going to give you a massive power spike but is not going to impact your build for the endgame.

These super unique, rare spawns are also hard to tell apart from the rest of the elites in Diablo 4. You may have even walked right past them.

They are going to appear much larger in size. They also have larger health pools than normal, and do much more damage with multiple status effects.

Below are all of the rare monster locations you can reach in every region to get the highest item power level gear in Diablo 4.


Dry Steppes

The vast arid region of Dry Steppes features four rare monster locations in Diablo 4. They are all pretty much located in a straight line if you travel east from the central western border.

Almunn (Infernal Edge for Barbarian)

Alumnn, the Duke of Shadow, is located on the western border of the Scarred Coast in Diablo 4. You can teleport to the Alzuuda waypoint in the Fields of Hatred and make your way north to reach the monster location marked on the map below.

The map location of Infernal Edge, dropped by Almunn in Diablo 4.

However, take note that Alumnn only appears at night. He looks similar to a Balrog but has two forms.

You will first fight him in his demonic (Balrog) form. Once he is defeated, Alumnn will change into his human form (Jebtaa) to start the second phase of the fight.

Defeating both of his forms will drop a guaranteed rare two-handed sword called the Infernal Edge, exclusively for the Barbarian class. Its modifiers increase your critical strike damage, all stats, and damage to injured enemies.

Bhotak (Necklace of Inevitability for all classes)

Bhotak, the Inevitable, can be encountered southeast of The Onyx Watchtower in the Khargai Crags subregion of Diablo 4.

If you are yet to clear the stronghold, you can either teleport to the Fate’s Retreat waypoint in the northeast or Ked Bardu up in the north before making your way down to the monster location marked on the map below.

The map location of Necklace of Inevitability, dropped by Bhotak in Diablo 4.

Bhotak is a large abomination that can erect barriers to box you in while teleporting around the battlefield. Defeating this rare monster is guaranteed to drop the Necklace of Inevitability, a rare amulet that can be equipped by any class in Diablo 4.

It increases your resistance to all elements, critical strike chance against injured enemies, and healing received from all sources. Furthermore, you buff the amount of damage taken while you are injured yourself.

Pitiless Gur (Gur’s Freezing Armor for all classes)

Pitiless Gur, the Heart of Ice, is located right next to the Whispering Vault dungeon in Chambatar Ridge. You are bound to encounter him while going to clear the dungeon.

The quickest way here would be from the Hidden Overlook waypoint in Jakha Basin. If you have not unlocked that, there is also Fate’s Retreat in the north.

The map location of Gur's Freezing Armor, dropped by Pitiless Gur in Diablo 4.

Pitiless Gur is a large dual-wielding frost mage that can apply up to three cold enchantments at once. If you are not careful, you are bound to get frozen several times during the fight.

Defeating him is going to get you a rare chest armor called Gur’s Freezing Armor in Diablo 4. Its modifiers increase your cold damage and cold resistance. You also get some bonus for thorn damage.

Zarozar (Bloodspiller’s Helm for Barbarian)

Zarozar, the Spiller of Blood, is going to be a little hard to reach in Diablo 4. He is located in a southern pocket of the Untamed Scarps just past the Champion’s Demise dungeon.

The Jirandai waypoint in the west is the only nearby location to teleport to. There is the Ruins of Qara-Yisu in the east but which is also a waypoint that you might not have unlocked.

The map location of Bloodspiller's Helm, dropped by Zarozar in Diablo 4.

Zarozar is a pretty tanky warrior with a large health pool. He does sweeping attacks using his two long swords. You need to watch out for his attacks because they have a lot of range. Ranged players are going to fare better here.

Defeating Zarozar is guaranteed to give you the Bloodspiller’s Helm in Diablo 4. This helmet is exclusive to the Barbarian class as well and is ideal for a Berserk Barbarian build. Its modifiers increase your damage while berserking and life gained on kills. You also get some ranks in your Rupture skill.

Fractured Peaks

Your starting region has four more unique elites that drop gear with the highest item power levels in Diablo 4. Except for one, the rest are located in the northern parts of Fractured Peaks.

As another reminder, these monster locations are going to respawn all the time and they are guaranteed to drop their rare items upon death. The gear rolls and item power levels depend on your character level and a bit of RNG.

Corlin Hulle (Staff of Elemental Command for Sorcerer)

Corlin Hulle, the Multiplicitous, is located in the Seat of the Heavens right next to the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon in Diablo 4.

The best route would be from the Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint in the south. You can also teleport to Kyovashad and make your way from there to the monster location marked on the map below.

The map location of Corlin Hulle and his Staff of Elemental Command in Diablo 4.

Corlin Hulle is a mage-type unique enemy. Once the fight starts, he clones himself. He can spawn three clones of himself each with unique elemental moves. These elements include Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

All of his clones spam projectiles of their respective elements. Getting up close is the optimal strategy for shutting down these clones. Melee builds generally have a very easy time against Corlin as he has no evasive moves.

On death, he drops the Staff of Elemental Command. It is a two-handed staff exclusive to the Sorcerer class that increases your crowd-control damage and damage from all three (lightning, fire, ice) elements.

Osgar Reede (Mace of Blazing Furor for Barbarian)

Osgar Reede, the Unflinching and Unfeeling, is located at the southern end of the Pallid Glade or the northern tip of the Desolate Highlands.

There are two nearby waypoints that give you the shortest route to the “Wrathful” Osgar. You can either make your way from Nostrava in the north or from Nevesk in the south. Just make sure to travel by night because Osgar does not spawn during the day.

The map location of Osgar Reede and his Mace of Blazing Furor in Diablo 4.

Osgar is a mace-wielding tanky elite monster that shoots fire from the ground in all four directions. You have to watch out for the sputtering flames to get out of the way in time.

Defeating him drops the one-handed Mace of Blazing Furor that can only be equipped by the Barbarian class in Diablo 4. It increases your damage to burning enemies and damage done while berserking.

The biggest advantage of the Blazing Furor Mace, though, is its two separate modifiers that increase your overpower damage twice!

Rotsplinter (Ring of Splintered Wood for all classes)

Rotsplinter, the Infested, can be found in the Pallid Glade as well. This super unique monster can be easily reached in Diablo 4 from the Menestad waypoint which you are bound to unlock during your first few hours of gameplay.

The map location of Rotsplinter and its Ring of Splintered Wood in Diablo 4.

Rotsplinter is a large, malformed tree that does a lot of poison damage. It can spawn explosive poisonous spiders to box you in while creating acidic pools on the ground every few seconds.

Defeating Rotsplinter is going to drop a guaranteed hidden rare ring called the Ring of Splintered Wood in Diablo 4. It increases your resistance to both lightning and poison. It also increases your poison damage, critical strike damage, and damage done to close enemies.

Sir Lynna (Darkblade for all classes)

Sir Lynna, Disciple of the Dark, is another one of the many rare monster locations in Diablo 4 that can be found just behind Kyovashad, left of the Forsaken Quarry dungeon.

Teleport to your starting town and take the eastern exit before following the left route right to the super unique monster.

The map location of Sir Lynna and his Darkbalde in Diablo 4.

Sir Lynna deals a lot of shadow damage for starters, which multiplies when he summons copies of himself. All of his attacks are melee based. He can dish out insane amounts of damage up close but his attacks follow a repeated pattern. This allows you to hit him in between his attacks.

Defeating him is going to get you his one-handed Darkblade sword as another hidden rare in Diablo 4. It is exclusive to the Necromancer class.

The main buff that this unique sword provides is the increased shadow damage along with a longer crowd-control duration. This makes this sword ideal for Shadow Necromancer build.


The rare spawns in Hawezar are located in all four corners of the region in Diablo 4. Getting to all four super unique monsters for their hidden rare items is going to require a lot of traveling time.

Captain Willcocks (Captain’s Ragged Boots for all classes)

Captain Willcocks, the Inexorable, can be found in the southern end of Blightmarsh. The best way to reach this rare spawn location to get your hands on another hidden rare item with the highest item power level in Diablo 4 is from the Vyeresz stronghold waypoint in the west.

The map location of rare spawn Captain Willcocks in Diablo 4.

Captain Willcocks is a skeleton warrior who behaves similarly to the standard skeletons armed with a sword and shield. However, you will not be fighting him alone as he is accompanied by a large swarm of spiders that deal poison damage.

On death, Captain Willcocks drops the Captain’s Ragged Boots that can be used by all classes in Diablo 4. Its modifiers are mostly defensive, giving you increased resistance to a single element and increased damage reduction while injured.

Slow durations on you last for less and most importantly, your attacks reduce your evade cooldown.

Enkil (Eye of Enkil for all classes)

Enkil, the Animated Statue, can be found in the northern corner of Rotspill Delta in Diablo 4, east and northeast of the Ancient Reservoir and Haunted Refuge Dungeons.

The quickest way to reach the location marked on the map below is the Writing Mire waypoint in the north. You can also make your way from the Ruins of Rakhat Keep in the west or from the Forsaken Coast: Backwater waypoint in the south.

The map location of rare spawn Enkil in Diablo 4.

Enkil is a melee-based snake-like statue that comes to life once you come near. Defeating this super unique monster in Diablo 4 will get you the Eye of Enkil amulet which can be used by all classes.

It increases your resistance to all elements, duration of shrine buffs, and duration of crowd-control skills. You also get increased damage for a few seconds after killing an elite.

Renn and Claudia Dayne (Haunted Crossbow for Rogue)

Renn and Claudia Dayne are two super unique, rare monster locations in the western corner of the Dismal Foothills in Diablo 4. Simply take the Wejinhani waypoint to get here quickly.

The map location of rare spawn Renn and Claudia Dayne in Diablo 4.

You are first going to fight Renn Dayne, the Haunted. Claudia will appear after you have defeated the first Dayne. You have to kill both of them to get the Haunted Crossbow, a Rogue-exclusive hidden rare item in Diablo 4.

Equipping this high-power level item is going to increase your core skill damage, shadow damage, damage done to vulnerable enemies, and damage done to close enemies.

Trembling Mass (Trembling Ring for all classes)

Trembling Mass, the Endless Parasite, lies on the eastern border of Fethis Wetlands. You can reach this rare monster location from either the Vyerez or Ruins of Rakhat Keep waypoint in Diablo 4.

Trembling Mass, incidentally, is located between the Blind Burrows and the Ruins of Eridu dungeons.

The map location of rare spawn Trembling Mass in Diablo 4.

Trembling Mass is a large parasite that uses melee-based attacks. It has the ability to revive multiple times. Once you have killed it a few times, it will stay down permanently.

Once it has been taken down permanently, it drops a rare ring called Trembling Ring that can be used by any class. This rare hidden rare increases your resistance to two elements, life gained on kill, and life regeneration when not damaged. You also get a boost to your maximum life.


The vast Kehjistan region has four more rare monster locations or super unique monsters that you can defeat for hidden rares in Diablo 4.

Abe-Mari (Wand of Abe-Mari for Necromancer)

Abe-Mari, the Tann Clan Arch Mage, resides in the western parts of Amber Sands in Diablo 4. You can reach this super unique monster location by making your way from the Altar of Ruin stronghold waypoint in the east. Either that or teleport to the Iron Wolves Encampment in the south and travel north.

Do note that Abe-Mari only spawns at night. If you go there during the day, you will not trigger his rare spawn.

The map location of Abe-Mari in Diablo 4.

Abe-Mari is a spirit mage that you will find hiding in a statue. He uses Ice-based ranged attacks as well as a nasty projectile barrage attack that deals a lot of damage. Keep in mind that you are going to be frozen after getting hit a few times.

Defeating this super unique elite in Diablo 4 is going to get you the Wand of Abe-Mari in Diablo 4. It is exclusive to the Sorcerer class and increases your ultimate skill damage, intelligence stat, and damage to distant enemies.

Faraya Tehi (Grotesque Loop for all classes)

Faraya Tehi, the Grotesque Abomination, is another super unique monster that can be found in the Amber Sands of Diablo 4 but only during the day.

You should take the Tarsarak waypoint in the south to reach this rare spawn because this route has no twists or turns. You can also take the Altar of Ruin waypoint in the north but which is a bit longer route.

The map location and route of Faraya Tehi in Diablo 4.

Similar to other abominations in the game, expect Faraya Tehi to charge at you on sight. This is a rather easy rare monster location to conquer in Diablo 4.

One death, this monster drops the Grotesque Loop ring that can be used by any class. Its modifiers increase your resistance to two elements, life gained on kill, your barrier as well as fortify generation.

Nine-Eyes (Broodmother’s Stinger for Necromancer)

Nine-Eyes, the Broodmother, is located all the way to the west in the Ragged Coastline. It only spawns during the night, so keep that in mind.

This super unique monster requires you to do a lot of traveling. The closest waypoint is that of the Iron Wolves Encampment and even that is further than normal. There are no other waypoints in the nearby areas.

The map location of Nine-Eyes and its Broodmother's Stinger dagger in Diablo 4.

Nine-Eyes, as the name suggests, is a large scorpion that does heavy poison damage. Its attacks are similar to the other scorpions you fight in the game, so quickly take it down to loot the Rogue-exclusive Broodmother’s Stinger, a hidden rare dagger in Diablo 4.

This rare unique increases your poison damage and damage done over time, as well as damage done to close enemies and healthy enemies.

Qiniel (Qin’s Captivating Eye for Necromancer)

Qiniel, the Seductive Orator, is located right outside Omath’s Redoubt in the Southern Expanse. You can either take the Gea Kul waypoint in the west or the Denshar waypoint in the east.

Both roughly take the same amount of time to reach this rare monster location in Diablo 4.

The map location of Qiniel in Diablo 4.

Qiniel is a little different rare-spawn encounter. Instead of a super unique monster in Diablo 4, you are going to find Priestess Qin at the location marked on the map above.

You need to interact with her to start a conversation. Keep engaging her in the conversation four times and she will transform into her monster form.

This monster uses lightning-based projectiles that can deal massive damage. She can also teleport around the battlefield to evade your attacks. Being quick on your feet is the optimal strategy for beating this boss. Dodging her projectiles is relatively easy but attacking her is hard due to her teleport ability.

Defeating Qiniel is going to get you Qin’s Captivating Eye, a hidden rare focus item for the Necromancer class in Diablo 4. It reduces your cooldowns while increasing your crowd-control durations and lucky hit chance not once but twice!


The rare monster locations in Scosglen are mostly situated in the eastern parts of the region in Diablo 4. Two of them are located almost next to each other. The last one in the west, however, is going to take some traveling time.

Blind Odwyn (Blind Man’s Bell for all classes)

Blind Odwyn, the Soul-Starved, can be found in the Shrouded Moors. Teleport to Tirmair if you want the shortest route to this rare monster spawn location. Head inside the Shrouded Moors and turn left for the encounter.

Where to find Blind Odwyn on the Diablo 4 map.

Blind Odwyn is a blind vampire that spawns after killing all the enemies in the area. He uses melee attacks that actually are pretty timid and do not deal much damage. With decent gear, defeating him is a piece of cake.

Defeating Blind Odwyn drops the Blind Man’s Bell, a hidden rare amulet that can be used by all classes in Diablo 4.

It increases your resistance to all elements, damage reduction while injured, and movement speed after killing an elite. You also get reduced crown-control-impaired duration.

Garbhan Ennai (Manhunter’s Breeches for all classes)

Garbhan Ennai, the Butcher of Cerrigar, is instilling gear into the locals in the center of The Downs. You can teleport to Cerrigar and make your way east to reach this rare monster location in Diablo 4.

There are a couple of other waypoints as well that you can use but make sure you are traveling by night. Garbhan does not spawn during the day.

Where to find Garbhan Ennai on the Diablo 4 map.

Garbhan can place a lot of debuffs on you during the fight. He is also going to transform into a werewolf after his health reaches 50 percent. During this phase of the fight, he is going to have increased attack speed, and increased movement speed, and will do more damage overall.

Defeating Garbhan is going to drop the hidden rare pants, Manhunter’s Breeches, in Diablo 4. These can be used by all classes and increase your damage after killing an elite. That and increase healing received from all sources.

Gaspar Stilbian (Outcast’s Handwraps for all classes)

Gaspar Stilbian, the Veradani Outcast, lies in the Highland Wilds, near the Whispering Pines dungeon and just below Blind Odwyn. You can use the same Tirmair waypoint to reach here, or the Fat Goose Inn waypoint.

Where to find Gaspar Stilbian on the Diablo 4 map.

Gaspar Stilbian is a unique encounter even among all of the rare monster locations in Diablo 4. He is a monk that does not fight back, so you just need to keep attacking him until he dies.

You are going to get the Outcast’s Handwraps which can be used by all classes. These hidden rare gloves increase your fire damage over time and add a few ranks to your Incinerate skill, so your Sorcerer class is going to get the most use of it.

Lord Eonan (Blood-Cursed Band for all classes)

Lord Eonan, the Blood-Cursed, lies in the Deep Forest. This is one of the many rare monster locations in Diablo 4 that you can reach easily through multiple waypoints.

The shortest route would be from the Farobru waypoint in the south but you can also approach the super unique monster from Firebreak Manor in the east or the Tur Dulra stronghold in the north.

Where to find Lord Eonan on the Diablo 4 map.

Lord Eonan is a powerful necromancer that can cast highly damaging spells. Dealing with him from a distance is exceptionally tough. However, he is not much of a threat up close.

On death, he drops a Necromancer-exclusive ring called Blood-Cursed Band. This ring is a staple choice for the Blood Orb Necromancer build. It provides a decent damage boost for a few seconds every time your pick up a blood orb. Shadow and poison resistance are also buffed.

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