Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Ihen-a Shrine Walkthrough

To get the rewards from Ihen-a Shrine, you must complete a complicated sequence of steps in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdoms. All the Shrines test your skills in different aspects of the game, so you must be prepared for all kinds of challenges.

All these shrines are essential for your growth in the game as you get the ability to learn different tactics and receive loot. So before jumping into the challenge, let us see the Ihen-a Shrine location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Ihen-a Shrine in Zelda: TokT

The Ihen-a Shrine is located in the Lenayru Great Spring region in Tears of the Kingdom. You can follow these coordinates (3806, 0558, 0484) to reach your desired location.

You can move east from Mikau Lake or north from the Shatterback Point to encounter the Ihen-a Shrine in the game.

How to solve the Ihen-a Shrine in Zelda: TotK

You need to combine different abilities of yours to find the Ihen-a Shrine puzzle solution in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Initially, you will encounter a barrier blocking your entrance to the shrine. You can use any weapon to destroy the obstacles, but using the Splash Fruit with your bow simplifies it.


Step 1) Set up the Stone

Rush toward the green blocks on the lower platform of the shrine after entering it. You need to use your Ultrahand ability to grab one of the stones from the floor and place it in the mid of the wall.

You need to strike the stone before grabbing and placing it. Now jump on the elevated platform and head to the next section of the shrine.

Step 2) Make the bridge

You must combine the green stone with the large panel on the right side of the room. First, grab the stone and place it on the wall of the next platform.

Grab the board on your right side and put it over the stone. Jump on the pathway and get to the next platform.

You are now required to place the same panel along with the stone on the next gap to make a way. Here you just have to stand on the board and use the Recall ability to raise the objects toward the next platform.

Now you are ready with the last step of the Ihen-a Shrine puzzle.

Step 3) Loot the chest and exit the shrine

Get inside the hall on the left side and use Ultrahand on the already elevated greenstone to attach it to the Treasure Chest wall. Ascend through the stone to reach the small area and open the chest to acquire 5x Arrows in Tears of the Kingdom.

Head down and strike the greenstone next to the golden wall. Now you are required to attach the small ball to the stone and get on it. Strike the crystal on your left side to reach the last area of the shrine.

You just now have to detach the ball from the stone and place it inside the circular shape on the surface.

This will unlock the room where you can get inside to interact with Sigil, exit the shrine and receive the Light of Blessing.

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