How To Get Infernal Edge In Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, the Infernal Edge sword is reported to have the highest possible item power in the game. Here's how to get it.

There are a few rare monster locations in Diablo 4 that are guaranteed to drop weapons such as the Infernal Edge which have some of the highest item power levels.

Depending on your character level, and a bit of luck, you can have this sword roll with an item power level up of up to 870. This is the highest recorded item power of any item in D4.

This sword can only be used by the Barbarian class or the Necromancer with a Critical Build.

We will now look into where can you get this weapon and what affixes it provides. 

Infernal Edge location in Diablo 4 

The map location of Infernal Edge in Diablo 4.

The Infernal Edge is a weapon that can be acquired when you defeat Almunn. This is a rare monster that only appears at night. It has two forms.

The first form is the winged beast form. When this form is defeated, the monster changes into a human form called Jebtaa. This form wields the Infernal Edge sword in Diablo 4 and will drop it upon death.


This monster is found on the western edge of the Sacred Coast region in the Dry Steppes. You can find it in the yellow circle on the map.

To get to it, you can fast-travel to the Alzuuda Waypoint. From here, move northwest towards the beast. The waypoint is indicated by the yellow arrow on the map above. 

What does the Infernal Edge do in Diablo 4? 

The Infernal Edge is a rare two-handed sword that is always going to roll the highest item power level in Diablo 4.

It also has a few traits which will help in combat. First, it increases the critical hit damage of the skill you are using. This is the reason we have recommended the Necromancer critical build with this sword. 

The next is that it increases all your stats, it deals increased damage to injured enemies, and finally gives you a lucky hit perk. This has a chance to kill smaller enemies when you use this sword.  

Other than that, there isn’t much this sword offers. It’s always a good idea to wield legendary and unique tier gear. They have an additional affix that can provide extra benefits to you and make your Diablo 4 experience better.

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