Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Geoglyph and Dragon’s Tears Locations

Find the Dragon's Tears hidden in the Geoglyphs across the Hyrule Land to visit the past.

Like captured memories of Breath of The Wild, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom also has players running around and finding lost memories from the Geoglyphs. This time, however, the flashback memories are collected from pools of Dragon’s Tears. These tears are puddles of water found within Geoglyphs on the ground, which can only be seen clearly from the sky.

There are several tear-shaped designs in these Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyphs, but you need to find the one that looks filled. This is where there is an actual puddle on the ground created by the Dragon’s Tears. The moment you examine them, a cutscene will start.

There are 12 Dragon’s Tears out of which you need to find 11 by exploring the map. The 12th Dragon’s Tear will reveal itself once you find all the other 11 Dragon Tears. Although it can be a bit tricky to find the exact location of the Geoglyphs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the real challenge starts when you must find the Dragon’s Tear in a huge drawing.

In the guide below we will mention the location and coordinates of each Dragon Tear to make it simple for you so, you don’t get lost when finding these Geoglyphs along with the Dragon Tears.

Start the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest

It all starts when you complete the tutorial and receive your paraglider, you will be directed to northwest of Lookout Landing, near Serenne Stable where you will find Impa.

This area is called North Hyrule Plain (-1311, 0821, 0095), and it is to the Northeast of Serenne Stable and east of Sinakawak Shrine. Once you reach this location, talk to Lady Impa to start Impa and the Geoglyphs quest.

She will ask you to build a hot air balloon. All the materials are present right there. Simply attach a balloon to the base with Ultrahand and then place some logs on the table.

Use a fire arrow to burn the logs. You can also put your wooden weapon on fire with the help of a nearby campfire. Once the balloon gains enough height, Impa will implore you to dive down to locate the first dragon tear.

Dragon Tear # 1

Location: North Hyrule Plain, Rauru’s Left Eye

Coordinates: (-1411, 0967, 0124)

Nearest Shrine: Sinakawak Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower to the Northwest

Memory: Where Am I?

Once you jump from the hot air balloon, you will notice a geoglyph depicting Rauru. If you look closely with your camera, you will notice Rauru’s eyes are shaped like tears. His left eye is colored as compared to the other one.

Glide to safely reach Rauru’s Eye (-1411, 0967, 0124) and interact with a small puddle to start the cutscene.

Continue the Impa and the Geoglyphs Quest

Before moving on to the next geoglyph location, you need to find Impa inside the Forgotten Temple to continue her quest. This temple is inside a ravine to the North of Tabantha Tundra.

The only entrance to the Forgotten Temple (-1425 2262, -0035) is through a hole in the wall. This area is teeming with enemies, and you must progress until the end to locate Impa.

Talk to Cado near the entrance and proceed until you reach the Mayausiy Shrine. Lady Impa is standing right next to it. Talk to her to proceed with the quest and enter the inner sanctum to locate the Hyrule’s map with tears locations marked distinctly.

Dragon Tear # 2

Location: Southwest of Tabantha Tundra, Above the central gate of Rauru and Sonia’s Castle

Coordinates: (-2550, 1891, 0319)

Nearest Shrine: Oromuwak Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower to the Southeast

Memory: An Unfamiliar World

Use Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower and glide Northwest to locate a massive geoglyph in the form of a castle. Locate the droplet shape at the top of the central gate and mark it.

The second geoglyph is spread across various mountains, and the puddle containing the Dragon Tear is on a flat surface (-2550, 1891, 0319).

Dragon Tear # 3

Location: South of Eldin Canyon, Center of Purah Pad

Coordinates: (1829, 0738, 0090)

Nearest Shrine: Maoikes Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower to the North

Memory: Mineru’s Counsel

To find the third Dragon Tear, use the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower to get airborne and glide South to locate a geoglyph shaped like the Purah Pad.

You will notice three droplet shapes beneath the Sheikah Eye symbol in the middle of the Purah Pad. The middle droplet (1829, 0738, 0090) is colored differently, and it holds the third Dragon Tear, unlocking Mineru’s Counsel memory.

Dragon Tear # 4

Location: Northwest of West Necluda, Tail of Molduga

Coordinates: (0695, -1311, 0053)

Nearest Shrine: Tajikats Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower to the East

Memory: The Gerudo Assault

The fourth Dragon Tear is the most difficult one to find. You can’t locate it from the sky as the droplet shape is hidden inside trees.

Jump from Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower and glide west to locate a geoglyph in the shape of Molduga. Upon close inspection, you will notice its tail is covered with trees.

Land in that area and locate a circle of trees. Between them is the puddle (0695, -1311, 0053) holding the fourth dragon tear, which unlocks The Gerudo Assault memory.

Dragon Tear # 5

Location: North of Gerudo Desert, Ganondorf’s Shoulder

Coordinates: (-3175, -1701, 0419)

Nearest Shrine: Turakamik Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower to the Southeast

Memory: A Show of Fealty

To find the fifth Dragon Tear, use the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower to get airborne. Travel Northwest to locate a massive geoglyph depicting Ganondorf kneeling.

Use your camera to locate three droplet shapes near Ganondorf’s shoulder. The uppermost droplet is colored differently (-3175, -1701, 0419) and holds the next Dragon Tear, which unlocks the A Show of Fealty memory.

Dragon Tear # 6

Location: North of Gerudo Highlands, Bottom of Sonia’s Hair

Coordinates: (-3096, -0076, 0211)

Nearest Shrine: Turakawak Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower to the Southwest

Memory: Zelda and Sonia

From the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, get airborne and glide Northeast. You will notice a massive Geoglyph in the shape of Sonia on the top of a mountain.

You will notice a droplet shape towards its lower right (where Sonia’s hair is) that you can mark with a beacon. Interact with the puddle (-3096, -0076, 0211), holding the tear to unlock Zelda and Sonia’s memory.

Dragon Tear # 7

Location: Lurelin Village, Inside the Left Crossguard of the Dagger 

Coordinates: (3325, -3566, 0004

Nearest Shrine: Bamitok Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower to the Northwest 

Memory: Sonia is Caught by Treachery

This dragon tear is at the Southeast edge of Hyrule’s map. Use the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower to get airborne and glide Southeast to locate a massive geoglyph in the shape of a dagger. 

Look closely at its left crossguard to locate a droplet that is differently colored from the rest. Reach this location (3325, -3566, 0004) and interact with the puddle to unlock Sonia is Caught by Treachery memory.

Dragon Tear # 8

Location: North of Tabantha Tundra, Ganon’s Right Shoulder

Coordinates: (-1864, 3623, 0237)

Nearest Shrine: Oshozan-u Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower to the Southwest

Memory: Birth of a Demon King

Jump from the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower and glide Northeast, or use the Taninoud Shrine in the East Hebra Sky Archipelago. You will notice a massive figure of Demon Ganon in the form of a geoglyph.

Look closely at his right hand, and you will notice two droplet shapes near the shoulder. One of them will be a different color and look more filled. Mark it with a beacon and glide to reach it.

Interact with the puddle (-1864, 3623, 0237) containing the eighth Dragon Tear to unlock the Birth of a Demon King memory.

Dragon Tear # 9

Location: East of Necluda, Right part of Sages’ Stone

Coordinates: (4467, -0305, 0074)

Nearest Shrine: Yomizuk Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower to the Southwest

Memory: The Sages’ Vow

Use the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower and glide Northeast. This will be a very long trek, and we recommend using Tulin’s Gust to cover the distance.

Once you reach the top of the Talus Plateau, you will notice a geoglyph depicting Sages’ Stone. Look to its right side near the elongated part to locate a droplet shape filled with color.

Glide to reach it safely (4467, -0305, 0074) and interact with the Dragon Tear to unlock The Sage’s Vow memory.

Dragon Tear # 10

Location: West of Lake Hylia, Left Sundelion Flower on Rauru’s Headpiece

Coordinates: (-0650, -2683, 0068)

Nearest Shrine: En-oma Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to the Northeast

Memory: A King’s Duty

Use the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to get airborne and glide Southwest to locate the tenth geoglyph. This one shows Rauru’s headpiece with Sundelion flowers on both sides.


You can find Farosh, the thunder dragon, in this area if you visit early in the morning.

Look closely at the left Sundelion flower, and you will notice its petals are shaped like droplets. The middle droplet has a different color, and this is where the next dragon tear is.

Interact with the puddle (-0650, -2683, 0068) to unlock A King’s Duty memory.

Dragon Tear # 11

Location: North of Great Hyrule Forest, Tip of Master Sword’s Blade

Coordinates: (0892, 2951, 0362

Nearest Shrine: Sikukuu Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower to the West

Memory: A Master Sword in Time

You can either use Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower and glide east or use the Mayam Shrine in the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago. You will notice a massive geoglyph in the shape of Master Sword.

Look closely at its blade near the bottom edge, and you will notice a droplet shape filled with water. Interact with the puddle (0892, 2951, 0362) to unlock A Master Sword in Time memory.

This is the eleventh and the final Dragon Tear that you can find in the game. As soon as you do, a cutscene will trigger and unveil the location of the final Dragon Tear in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Dragon Tear # 12

Location: Northeast Corner of Akkala, Rist Peninsula

Coordinates: (4534, 2142, 0001)

Nearest Shrine: Gemimik Shrine

Nearest Skyview Tower: Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower to the West

Memory: Tear of the Dragon

Use the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower and glide to reach the Rist Peninsula. This area is full of Lizalfos enemies that can make progress unnecessarily difficult.

Once you reach the following coordinates (4534, 2142, 0001), you will notice another puddle containing the dragon’s final tear. Interact with it to unlock Tear of the Dragon memory and finish the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Map of All Dragon Tears and Geoglyphs

We have a detailed map of all the geoglyphs and dragon tears scattered across the Hyrule surface. These are all outlined and numbered accordingly for your ease of use.

While you can locate the first 11 Dragon Tears in any order you want, we recommend that you consult our map to locate them to unlock the memories in perfect order.

Tips to locate Dragon Tears inside Geoglyphs

Geoglyphs are huge and cover a large area of the land surface. Locating a single puddle of water can be really daunting and off-putting. While the geoglyphs can be located from a distance, the same can’t be said for the Tears locations inside them. 

To make your life easier, we have mentioned the exact coordinates of each Dragon Tear above. If you want to locate them yourselves, you can use the following tips.

1. Always use the nearby Skyview Tower to get airborne and reach the Geoglyph from above. It is extremely important to see the whole Geoglyph as some are spread across mountains and can’t be viewed whole from the ground.

2. The water puddles that hold the tear are shaped like water droplets. Open your camera mid-air and locate the water droplet shapes on each Geoglyph.

3. The puddle holding the tear is colored differently from the rest. Other droplet shapes have a white boundary with green inside. The droplet shape with the tear appears to be colored white, just like the border (one uniform color).

4. Nighttime is the best time to locate the Geoglyphs. Some of them appear blurry during the day, and sunlight makes their visibility even worse.

5. There are 11 geoglyphs and 12 Dragon Tears. The last one won’t appear until you locate the first 11.

6. You can find Dragon Tears in any order you want. The memories they unlock will appear in the Adventure Log, which you can view as many times as you want.

7. Stack up on stamina-restoring foods/elixirs, and increase your stamina wheels by completing shrines.

8. Use the Glide Armor set to cover long distances and control your movement precisely in the air.

9. If the Geoglyph is far away from the Skyview Tower, you can rest on the Sky Islands to replenish your stamina and continue again.

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