How To Increase Health And Stamina In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Surviving in Hyrule requires a lot of health and stamina and we will help you increase those in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Despite being the savior of Hyrule, there is no denying that Link is very weak initially in Zelda TotK when it comes to surviving. Not only have you lost all those heart containers from Breath of the Wild but also your stamina is extremely limited. Repeating the same loop as other Zelda games, there is however ways to increase your maximum health and stamina in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

If you are struggling to survive against enemy attacks due to limited heart containers or can’t climb mountains because of limited stamina, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to learn how to increase your hearts and stamina in Zelda TotK to the maximum possible.

How to increase Stamina in Zelda TotK

You can only increase stamina in Zelda TotK by using Stamina Vessels. Goddess Statues in different areas of Hyrule offer these stamina vessels, especially in areas like Lookout Landing and Gerudo Town. You can also find a giant Goddess statue in the Temple of Time on Great Sky Island.

The statue at Lookout Landing is locked under the Emergency Shelter. To unlock it and get access, you need to talk to Scorpis.

Remember that Goddess statues do not provide Stamina Vessels until you offer something in return i.e. Light of Blessings. You have to bring 4 Light of Blessings to the Statues in order to buy one Stamina Vessel.

As you must have gathered by now, Light of Blessings are Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s version of Spirit Orbs from Breath of the Wild. You must visit shrines and solve their respective trials to gain Light of Blessings. Each shrine in Tears of the Kingdom will grant you one Light of Blessing.


Having collected four of the Light of Blessings, head to any goddess statue and interact with it to obtain a stamina vessel. One stamina vessel will be consumed to fill 1/5th of the stamina wheel.

zelda totk stamina vessel

How to get more Hearts in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The method for increasing the number of hearts or health in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is the same as we already used for Stamina Vessels. This time when you spend 4 Light of Blessings on a goddess statue, make sure to click on the Heart Container option. This way, your inventory will have +1 Hearts added to the collection.

Note that this method helps you increase the red hearts, or what is considered as permanent base health, as the yellow hearts can be increased by common methods like eating some cooked dishes.

Should you prioritize Health or Stamina?

This is an important question to think of, as both are crucial for progression in gameplay.

We believe that gaining stamina vessels is more beneficial in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom as compared to hearts. Firstly, because stamina is needed to equip Master Sword. For gaining more stamina, you have to go for the stamina vessels, as these are fuels for making stamina wheels.

Secondly, you can glide for longer periods by having extra stamina wheels at your side. A Zelda player knows better, how much gliding is important for approaching major locations. Thirdly, several actions like charged attacks, swimming, climbing, and shooting from your bow are only possible when your stamina wheel is filled.

How to trade Health with Stamina (or Vice Versa)

Talking to Horned Statue in Lookout Landing will unlock the Trade mechanism in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You have to pay 100 rupees to buy one essence for Link. If you want to have more health to survive longer in battles or certain weather, you can give up a stamina vessel and obtain one heart container. Similarly, you are allowed to do the opposite to obtain 1 stamina vessel.

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