Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Oshozan-u Shrine Walkthrough

As you complete each Shrine, you will find several useful items to collect. These items help you throughout your journey through the Kingdom of Hyrule. The Oshozan-u Shrine is no exception as it offers you the Zonaite Bow which you can use to draw power from your Energy cell.

With all Shrines having some sort of challenge associated with them, it can be difficult to complete them without needing guidance. Therefore, today we will be showing you how to solve the Oshozan-u Shrine in Zelda: TkoK

Where to find the Oshozan-u Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Oshozan-u Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

Coordinates: -2332, 3072, 0439

The Oshozan-u Shrine (Mallet Smash) can be found in the Tabantha Tundra. You can use the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower to reach the area by simply flying over to the Shrine at the bottom.

However, due to that part of the map being cold, you must come prepared by equipping cold-resistant armor and elixir or food like pepper to stay warm in this location.

How to solve the Oshozan-u Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

As you enter the (Mallet Smash) Oshozan-u Shrine, you will find yourself at a platform with three items on it: A rocket, a log, and a block attached to a track at the left corner.


This puzzle is similar to the Real-World Mallet Smash game. Below we have given the Oshozan-u Shrine puzzle solution:

Puzzle 1

Using Ultrahand, merge 1x block with a log and 1x Rocket with another log. Hit the Rocket and trigger its activation. This will shoot the rocket straight to the target in front and unlock the gate next to the track.   

Puzzle 2

After making your way to the next area, you must use Ultrahand to grab the log and place it at the center of the two pillars on the left leading you to the Chest above with 1x Zonaite Bow inside. 

Now, drop down and use Ultrahand to attach the log to the edge of the Wheel. Attach the rocket to the end of the log and hit it to activate the Rocket.

This will rotate the wheel and the log will successfully hit the target above and open the door leading to the Oshozan-u Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

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