Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Stables Locations And Maps

Stables allow you to register horses in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and then take them out when needed to travel around Hyrule..

Owning a horse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom requires more effort than just finding one in the wild and taming it. To improve the functionality of your horse, you need to bond with it and a big part of that is letting the horse rest. That is where stables come in. You can register and save your various horses at stables in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and take them out when needed.

Stables are mainly used to register and retrieve horses to move around the map faster. Also, you need to know the locations of different stables to initiate and complete different quests like revealing the Great fairies from their fountains and completing the Lucky Clover Gazette quests.

If you need to find a stable and you don’t know where to find one, then our guide will help you locate all the stables in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find horse stables in Zelda TotK

Zelda TotK has 18 stables throughout the Hyrule map that you can visit. If you have found a unique horse or want to use a horse that you loved in Breath of the Wild, you will need access to a stable.

Here is the list of all the stables in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and how you can get to their locations

Lookout Landing stable

The mini stable is situated near the Lookout Skyview Tower at the Lookout Landing. This place is near the Hyrule Castle Ruins in Hyrule Field.

Wetlands stable

Wetland Stable is located on the road on the east of Hylia River and Rebonae Bridge in Hyrule Field.

Riverside stable

Riverside Stable is located on the bank of the Hylia River east of the Whistling Hills. Go West of the Batrea Lake in Hyrule Field to find it.

Outskirts stable

Outskirts Stable is located in the west of the Aquame Lake and Coliseum Ruins in Hyrule Field.

Gerudo Canyon Pass (mini stable)

This mini Stable is located on a bridge connecting several buttes north of Gerudo Canyon Pass. The stable is south of Diggdog Suspension Bridge.

Gerudo Canyon stable

The Gerudo Canyon stable is situated west of Gerudo Canyon and east of the Gerudo Great Cliffs in the Gerudo Highland region.

Highland stable

The Highland Stable is located in the Furan Plain and in the east of Haran Lake in the Faron Grassland region.

Lakeside stable

The Lakeside Stable is located in the middle of the woods north of Ubota Point. Go west of Lake Floria in the Faron Grassland region to find it.

Dueling Peaks stable

The Dueling Peaks Stable is located in the east of the Dueling Peaks in Ash Swamps on the road north of the Big twin bridge in the West Necluda region.

Hateno Pasture stable

Hateno Pasture Stable is located to the east of Hateno Village. It is to the south of Lake Sumac in the Mount Lanaryu region.

Woodland stable

The Woodland Stable is situated on the west of Pico Pond along the Zelda Memorial in the Great Hyrule Forest region.

Foothill Stable

The Foothill Stable is located northeast of the Trilby Valley. Stable is west of the Cephla Lake in the Eldin Canyon region.

South Akkala stable

The South Akkala Stable is situated in the woods south of Kanalet Ridge and north of the Akkala Citadel Ruins in the Akkala Highlands region. 

East Akkala stable

The East Akkala Stabel is situated on the road to North Akkala Foothill. Look behind the tundra of the Akkala Beach in the Deep Akkala region.

New Serenne stable

The New Serenne Stable is located in the North Hylue Plains of the Hyrule Ridge.

Tabantha Bridge stable

The Tabantha Bridge Stable is situated near the east side of the Tabantha Bridge. The bridge connects Hyrule Ridge with Tabantha Frontier.

Snowfield Stable

The Snowfield Stable is located in the South Tabantha Snowfield. It is to the west of the Forgotten Temple in the Hebra Mountains region.

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