Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Farosh Location

Farosh the lightning dragon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom roams all over Hyrule surface and depths so knowing his location will help you farm...

Elemental dragons are now an integral part of Zelda franchise going forward. Link can farm these dragons to obtain their parts, which can be used to enhance his weapons or armors. Farosh is the Thunder Dragon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom who graces the skies of the Gerudo region. Its body is surrounded by constant thunderstorms, and Farosh attacks anyone who approaches it with Thunder balls.

Like the rest of the dragons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Farosh has a unique path that it follows. It takes Farosh 30.5 in-game hours (30.5 minutes in real life) to completely travel its path. So, the time of his appearance at one location differs from day to day. Here is a complete guide on Farosh’s route across the skies of Hyrule and in depths.

Where to find Farosh in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Farosh emerges from the East Gerudo Chasm which is exactly to the East of Gerudo Town and West of Champion’s Gate. Farosh then moves North and goes around the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower before turning East.

It then crosses Lake Hylia before disappearing into depths through Hills of Baumer Chasm, West of Popla Foothills Skyview Tower.

In depths, Farosh turns South before it once again makes its way West, towards the East Gerudo Chasm exit. Farosh continues its journey in this clockwise direction between East Gerudo and Hills of Baumer chasms. It spends 14.5 in-game hours on land (14 minutes in real life) and 16.5 hours in depths (16.5 minutes in real life).

Fastest way to reach Farosh in Zelda TotK

The easiest way to reach Farosh is on land by using the skyview towers. Use the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower to get airborne and turn Southeast to locate Farosh. If you can’t find it in the skies above Gerudo Desert, fast travel to Popla Foothills Tower. Propel Link into the air and try to locate Farosh from the sky.

If you can’t find Farosh on the land, wait near East Gerudo Chasm entrance for Farosh to appear. Farosh can also be tracked using Sensor+ on Purah Slate by unlocking its entry in the Hyrule Compendium (snapping a picture of Farosh).

Link can safely land on Farosh’s body by using his paraglider or Glider armor set once you have detected it from the sky.

Farosh’s body is protected by non-stop thunderstorms. Make sure to remove all the metallic weapons, shields or bows that can attract lightning strikes. Also, equip Shock resistance armor and brew some elixirs that can protect Link against Farosh’s lightning attacks.

Once you have found Farosh, target whatever body part are you need to obtain materials for upgrades or Goddess Statue quests.

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