Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Lae’zel Build Guide

The build you choose for Lae'zel in Baldur's Gate 3 should take full advantage of her aggressive personality and fighter capabilities and enhance them using Battle Master sub-class.

For a robust Lae’zel build in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must take full advantage of her aggressive personality, deadly combat style, and dominant nature. You can recruit Lae’zel quite early in BG3, right after the prologue, when you rescue her from two Tieflings. 

Choosing a character’s build carefully while considering his strengths and weaknesses is very important. These choices affect your character immensely throughout the game, and the same is the case with Lae’zel. 

Considering Lae’zel soldier background and impressive strength stat in BG3, she should be given a build that aligns with her fighter capabilities and enhances them. Look for the best subclass and equipment for this ferocious Githyanki warrior.

Where to find Lae’zel and how to recruit her

Lae’zel is the earliest companion you will come across in the game. She accompanies you on Nautiloid throughout the prologue. Once the Mind-Flayer ship crashes on the ravaged beach, you can find her captured by two Tieflings on your way to Druid Grove.

You can either use persuasion or violence to free her. At this point, you can talk to her to recruit her. If you leave her there, you can later find her inside Druid Grove and recruit her there.

Best subclass for Lae’zel in Baldur’s Gate 3

As Lae’zel is an origin character, she has a specific Race, Background, and Class, which you can’t change on the character creation screen. However, you get the ability to choose her sub-class which suits her the best. 

Lae’zel belongs to the Fighter class; she can choose a subclass at Level 3 out of the three available. She can go for Battle Master, Champion, or Eldritch Knight; the most suitable is the Battle Master. 

The Battle Master subclass and build is best for Lae’zel in Baldur’s Gate 3 because of the Superiority Dice and Battle Maneuvers for damage and crowd control. 

The Eldritch Knight subclass requires spell-casting abilities and Intelligence, which are not Lae’zel’s strong suits, so we don’t recommend choosing this. Similarly, the Champion subclass only gives a critical damage bonus, so it is better to stick with Battle Master. 

Class Fighter – 
Sub-Class Battle Master The best sub-race for Lae’zel to get Superiority Dice and Battle Maneuvers. 
Race Githyanki Allows Lae’zel to use two-handed weapons and provide armor proficiency. 
Ability Points Distribution STR 16, DEX 14, CON 16, INT 8, WIS 10, CHA 10 Strength is the main ability modifier for the Fighter class and Lae’zel. 
Skills Athletics, Intimidation, Survival, Acrobatics – 

Best Battle Maneuvers for Lae’zel in Baldur’s Gate 3

Battle Maneuvers are special attacks that require you to roll Superiority dice. These sub-class specific actions can turn the tide of the battle in an instant. Following are the best maneuvers that you can select for Lae’zel in the game. 

Level Battle Maneuvers Description 
Menacing Attack, Pushing Attack, Riposte. The Menacing attack deals 1-8 damage upon enemies and inflicts Frighten status. Pushing attack deals 1-8 damage and pushes the enemies back 4.5m, making them prone in the process. Riposte allows you to deal an additional 1-8 damage when an enemy misses you with a melee attack. 
Precision Attack, Disarming Attack. The Precision Attack uses a superiority dice and adds its result to your attack roll. The Disarming attack deals 1-8 damage to enemies and makes them drop their weapons. 
10 Goading Attack, Sweeping Attack. Goading attack forces the enemies to target you after dealing 1-8 damage to them. If they target any other party member, they get a serious disadvantage on their attack rolls. Sweeping Attack deals AoE damage by swinging your weapon in an arc and is good for crowd control. 

Each of these battle Maneuvers costs one Superiority Dice to use, and you are given 4 of them at the start, which can be replenished after a rest.

Best Feats for Lae’zel

As a Fighter, Lae’zel gets 4 feats instead of 3. These are special passive abilities that grant you specific bonuses or allow you to upgrade your specific ability. 

Level Feat Description 
Great Weapon Master Allows you to do an additional melee attack as a bonus action if you land a critical hit or kill an enemy with a melee weapon attack. 
Ability Improvement Invest both ability points in Strength ability to increase it up to 18. 
Alert You gain a +5 bonus on Initiative rolls, and enemies can’t surprise you. 
12 Ability Improvement Use this opportunity to max out your Strength ability. 

Best Equipment

Due to Lae’zel’s impressive fighter abilities, she can work well with any weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3. But we suggest that you give her two-handed melee weapons. She is also proficient in all armor classes, making it easy to equip the heaviest armor you can find and make her the main tank of the party. See how to build a tank in bg3 for more information on that.

Head: Grymskull Helm – The enemies can no longer land critical hits on you, and you get resistance against fire damage. 

Chest: Adamantine Splint Armor – This 18 AC very rare heavy armor reduces all incoming damage by 2. Your melee attackers are sent back, reeling for 3 turns. It also provides protection against critical hits. 

Gloves: Gloves of the Growling Underdog – You gain an advantage on melee attack rolls if two or more enemies surround you. You also get a +1 bonus on your Strength Saving throws. 

Boots: Boots of Speed – You gain Click Heels class action that allows you to move twice as fast. 

Necklace: Amulet of Greater Health – Increases your Constitution ability to 23. 

Ring 1: Ring of Regeneration – This ring restores 1-4HP of its wearer at the beginning of every turn. 

Ring 2: The Sparkswall – This ring grants you protection against electrical damage, and you can’t be electrocuted. 

Melee Weapon: Everburn Blade – This two-handed greatsword has 2-12 slashing damage and an additional 1-4 fire damage. 

Ranged Weapon: Darkfire Shortbow – This shortbow grants you resistance to fire and cold damage. You get the Haste spell, which makes it difficult for enemies to hit you.

Lae’zel build’s level progression in Baldur’s Gate 3

Level Unlocks Description 
Fighting Style selection. Second Wind class action. Great Weapon Fighting to get a re-roll if your attack roll is 1 or 2 for a two-handed weapon. Second Wind is a bonus action that heals you for 2-11HP without costing anything. 
Action Surge class action You gain an additional attack per turn. 
Sub-Class selection. Battle Master to unlock Menacing Attack, Pushing Attack, and Riposte battle maneuvers. 
The first Feat unlocks. Great Weapon Master to get a bonus attack if you land a critical hit or kill an enemy with a melee attack. 
Extra Attack Allows you to make an extra attack on the enemies. You can use this with action Surge to land 4 hits on your enemies. If you manage to land a critical hit in between, you get another free attack, totaling 5. You can use the Haste spell to squeeze one more attack per turn, delivering 7 attack hits in a row.  
The second Feat unlocks. Ability Improvement to invest in Strength ability as it is your main ability modifier. 
Additional battle Maneuvers. Select Precision Attack and Disarming Attack. 
The third Feat unlocks. Alert to gain a +5 Initiative bonus. This means you will always get the first turn. Combine it with Extra Attack, Action Surge, Great Weapon Master, and haste spells to demolish any enemy in your path. Lae’zel is unstoppable at this point. 
Indomitable class feature. Failing a saving throw allows you to re-roll again. 
10 More Battle Maneuvers. Choose Sweeping Attack and Goading Attack. 
11 Improved Extra Attack With this, you can now make up to 10 attacks in a row. Attack -> Action Surge -> Haste Attack -> Extra Attack -> Action Surge -> Haste Attack -> Improved Extra Attack -> Action Surge -> Haste Attack -> Great Weapon Master (optional). With Alert feat, this is literally game over, even for the toughest bosses in the game. 
12 The final Feat unlocks. Ability Improvement to max your strength ability. 
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